The Third Volley: Some thoughts so far for HQ!! S3

haikyuu-season-3The third season of the anime adaptation of Haruichi Furudate’s Haikyuu!! — tagged as Karasuno Koukou vs Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou — started airing a few weeks ago and it’s now on its fourth episode. So far it’s been faithfully following the manga, only missing some lines and happenings here and there.

I binge-re-watched the first two seasons before starting with the third, so the difference with the vibes emitted by the newest is evident. The third season picked up from where they left the second season, which is around the finals, so the tension is already high.  I’m not sure if it’s in the editing or the animation, but I also get the feel of watching a film when I watched the available episodes so far.

To start, the opening song is entitled 「ヒカリアレ」 (Hikari Are) by BURNOUT SYNDROMES. I think it is good for the third season. I’m a bit biased toward SPYAIR, though. But but but I loved BURNOUT SYNDROMES’ Fly High!! from the last season.

As for the ending song, I loved the sequence because it shows the different teams. And Kuroo dragging Kenma is just so adorable. It’s 「マシ・マシ」(Mashi Mashi) by NICO TOUCHES THE WALL.

The first episode started without much happenings on the court. The Karasuno members and people related to them are re-introduced while all the members of Shiratorizawa are shown for the first time in the whole series. haikyu-3-illustration I was surprised to see that Tendou actually has red hair. I realized that I didn’t even imagine him with colored hair when reading the manga. Anyway, I was so happy to see Goshiki, who I was surprised to hear with a deep voice because I imagined him to have something like Hinata’s voice, Kawanishi and Shirabu animated.

Of course, I was more than happy to see the crows back, especially that little crow Tsukki! I’m so excited to see him in action! As other people say, this is his season. His development in this arc is one of the best I loved so far in the series and I’m thrilled to know that they will show it animated.

I’m happy that they also included the scene where Michimiya gives a charm to Daichi. I thought that was not going to make it given what happened on the ending of the second season. (I wish that happened on the manga, though. I thought it’s sweet that the people on school waited to congratulate them when they got back.) Anyway, I know that it won’t be a focus, but I thought that that stuff is good to have there sometimes.


He reminds me of Hunter X Hunter’s Hisoka. (c) -miiss-orihara | Tumblr

The second episode, meanwhile, is about their having troubles with Ushiwaka’s being left-handed. It ended around the start of the second set. With this pacing, I guess that each set would be shown in at least two episodes, seeing that there are five sets and ten episodes only. Though the third set was a bit quick, so I guess that would be only covered in one episode? It will be mostly about dear Shirabu, anyway.

The third episode is when they were dealing with Tendou Satori as he does his guess blocking as well as their plan to deal with Ushiwaka. This is the episode when Tendou sang and danced and I realized that he’s an adorable character. I just found him irritating when reading the manga, but the adaptation made me see him in a different light. Now I like him because I find him amusing with his actions. The VA helps, too!

Now, I have a lot of feels for the fourth episode of the series. Even more so now that it just got released a day ago. It has one of my most favorite scenes in this arc, that is, the turning point of Tsukki’s character, the clear development for him. “Full Moon” and “Just One Point” are two of my favorite chapters of the manga and they’re included in this episode.


I’ve been replaying this scene for a lot of times. SO PROUD OF YOU, TSUKKI. I’m sure dear Kuroo would have been proud of his disciple, too! (c) seihanndas | Tumblr

The episode covers the later half of the second set when they got tied 22 all. Of course, it builds towards the momentous scene where Tsukki finishes the set. I was teary-eyed when I watched him deliver his “Yosha!” because it’s all full of emotions and I’m so happy for him and I got how I want the scene to be. The animation was just beautiful.

I remember when I first read that part of the manga after watching the second season, I cried because of the feels. Yes, there’s the fun of watching it animated, but there’s so much more going on with the strokes of the lines in the manga that gives the characters much depth and emotions. o005I remember seeing a post on Tumblr, just recently, comparing fanboy!Hinata as seen on the anime and as shown on the manga. He is so much more intense.

Anyway, as I was watching the anime, I can’t help comparing the two as well, because I’ve got lots of scenes that I want to see animated. That’s why when the scene where Akiteru was crying isn’t shown on the fourth episode, I was a bit upset. He was only shown surprised, but the feels of the supportive, proud older bro was lessened. Moreover, I was upset that there wasn’t a flashback of Kuroo telling that a point could feel just as good as 100 points. It was on chapter 153. Following the manga, it was supposed to be shown around the 2nd or 3rd episode since this chapter was when Nishinoya was about to get the third receive he promised. Yet it was not there.


Chapter 153, p. 3.

Now, the line “That one point is worth 100!” sounded like Hinata just said it out of the blue. It did not create much impact as I’d love it to have. Also, I wasn’t able to see Kuroo, Lev, Bokuto, and Akaashi animated here.

This episode also showed a preview of megane!Oikawa which stirred up a part of the fandom, which amusingly frustrated another part because they said that the former did not even appreciate Tsukki’s development. I just find that amusing. For me, well, I’m looking forward for both, though more on Tsukki’s moments. I do love Oikawa, though. (As well as Asuma Kousuke, the precious guy playing as Oikawa in the stage play.)


Trashykawa in megane. (c) juminss | Tumblr

Next episode, will probably be about the third set. We’ll get to see Shirabu’s story! I guess they will alter what happens outside the game because Oikawa is already shown on the preview for the next episode. He and Iwaizumi does not appear till chapter 185 which is actually around the final set. Oh well, at least we get to them early! (Or just Oikawa at first?)

I’m so excited for the whole arc to be animated. Another Tsukki moment that I love will probably be shown around episode 9 and I’m looking forward to it! For now, I guess I’ll check out Yuri!!! on Ice as I wait for the updates of both the manga and the anime.


4 thoughts on “The Third Volley: Some thoughts so far for HQ!! S3

  1. Cat says:

    Tsukki season is best season because both him and Kags grew so muuuch, and it helped strengthen the team overall aaah 😻😻😻😻👌
    When Tsukki shouted I was SHOOK, as someone that stays away from the mangas because I’m impatient so i just wait for the seasons, i was shocked and it was sooo good 💖💖💖💖✨

    Liked by 1 person

    • ameithyst says:

      True! Now, I’m looking forward to their matches for the Nationals. Aaahh, we need to wait longer for S4. And actually, hopefully there will be one!

      Even I, who was anticipating it, was left with my mouth opened wide and tears brimming on my eyes. That scene is just so beautiful and I’m so happy that they got it all right. I’m more than satisfied because of the animation and Uchiyama (Tsukki’s seiyuu).


      • Cat says:

        If there isn’t a S4 I’ll eat my hat and jacket, HQ is so popular it has to have one! T_T
        Yeah, they did such a stellar work on it, I got so shook, I vibrated on my seat and screamed with him because YAAS TSUKKI YAAS. They really did an excellent job ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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