Now Playing | Byakuya (True Light)

When I was younger and had more time to watch anime series, I used to memorize the lyrics of the songs that I liked. Perhaps the first ever song I memorized was the Pokémon theme song used in America because, well, it was easy because it is not even Japanese. This song I am going to talk about, however, is the first ever Japanese song that I memorized: Byakuya (True Light).

Byakuya (White Night ~ True Light) was sang by Miyamoto Shunichi and was written by Sakai Mikio. Yamasaki Masumi created the music while Nagai Rui arranged it. It was used as the opening song for D.N Angel.

Here’s a live performance from Miyamoto Shunichi. Actual song starts at 1:26 mark.

Become as wings that outshine your sadness, cutting through the white darkness

Illuminated by the cold sun
I had some tame freedom
On the miraculous night reflected in the mirror
My soul began to remove its mask

On the other side of the crumbling wall
Despair and hope wear the same face
If your heart is not satisfied
Head towards the ending prologue that flies away…

In this world where the wind blows like a knife
What is it that I should protect?
When I know one pain after another
I draw closer to my true self

The fake light that is disappearing
The true light that is being born
In these hands…

Pierce through the white-dyed night
Go on creating a new era
With a heart that’s been released
Fly through the endlessly continuing white night

(Translation: ejtranslations)

D.N Angel, like Vision of Escaflowne, also aired on one of the local channels in the country. I also liked it and its songs are memorable to me. It already ended when I had I learned how to connect to the Web through my first mobile phone.

I cannot remember what got into my mind that made me search for its lyrics, but I ended up memorizing it. We still have no printer then, so typing it on computer seemed pointless to me; I wrote it on paper. That way, I was able to bring it anywhere on the house. I was able to memorize it all, including the parts that wasn’t covered in the TV version.

From then on, I started searching different OP and ED songs that came up my mind, including, of course, Yakusoku wa Iranai. Nowadays, I cannot find time to memorize lyrics (especially because I usually skip the OP and ED sequences). Good thing that I’m better at listening to Japanese words now, so I somehow pick up some lyrics from when listening to them while doing academic requirements.


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