Chatterbox || Of GIFs


SUCCESS! After almost an hour of playing with GIMP, I finally made a GIF! Just look at these dorks! Cue waterfall tears. This GIF perfectly sums up my feelings now. It’s perfect for the first successful attempt I did. This is all thanks to fy-gimp!

You see, after switching to Mac (thanks to some gracious colleague of my father), I thought I would never be able to create GIFs again. (Yeah, exaggerated.) Not that I’ve done that many. But I wanted to create more. But, yeah, Adobe Essentials is expensive. I’m not even sure how it can be installed on Macbook Air. So, I just settled with GIMP all these time. (I MISS PAINT TOOL SAI. CRIES) Not that it’s bad, but I could do more with Photoshop. I enjoy playing with PS’ effects and all. And I love SAI more than GIMP because I feel so much more comfortable using that. But yeah, GIMP can suffice. I guess I just have to be more knowledgeable.

These two GIFs are some of what I did before. Real slow. The left one’s from It Started with A Kiss 2 and the right one’s from Long Vacation. I will re-do these once I got more time to spare. Oh, and that GIF of the adorable dancing Suga and Tatsunari, too! These three GIFs have too big file sizes and image scales.

Anyway, thanks to all the people who works on the script AnimStack, I can finally edit lots of GIFs that I want! Though I will only be able to do some simple editing (I bet I could do a lot more with PS), I think this will satisfy my desire. For now. I will be able to put more personal edits on my posts now (if I didn’t become lazy). YAY! HOORAY! BANZAI!


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