Behold!: Mackenyu

mackenyu-mackenyu-e7-9c-9f-e5-89-a3-e4-bd-91-40046087-320-320Behold, one of the most gorgeous guys my eyes ever laid upon!

Mackenyu. Son of the actor, producer, director, and martial artist Sonny Chiba (whose works I haven’t seen yet). He  is a Japanese-American who is born in Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, his English is good. He has a gorgeous voice, too! Another thing that I love about him is his eyes. They are expressive. Whenever he is acting, it’s like his eyes speak a lot of words, too. One look at those orbs conveys lots of emotions.

His first show that I watched is Aogeba Toutoshi. He played the character Kitora Ren. (Somehow, all the Ren from series that I watch and read are all attractive.) I did not know anything about him then. From the cast, I only knew Mikako Tabe, Akira Terao, Kentaro, and Nijiro Murakami. During his first appearance in the drama, though, he caught my attention because of his looks. Besides, his hair color stands out so it’s difficult to simply ignore him.

cqt-y8hueaabk-cHe does not wear much fancy clothes in the show, but, wow. He looks gorgeous even in plain white shirt. I cannot remember how many times I squealed “HE IS GORGEOUS!” and was shushed by my brother while watching the whole show.

And I am just simply happy for the fact that he’s not just an eye candy. He can act not like other actors out there who gets lots of big projects when they can barely act. (Yeah, yeah. I’m bitter about it.)

Not to say that his acting is already topnotch, but he is definitely one of the promising actors of his generation. More challenging roles and I think he can be versatile.

aramajapan_hanadan-musicalThe next time I saw him, I did not recognize him. Since I got into Japanese stage plays, I wanted to see more of them. One time, someone shared Hana Yori Dango The Musical. I was initially surprised because I did not know about it. Since HanaDan is one of my guilty pleasures, I decided to watch it.

It was halfway the play when I decided to pause it to search about the cast and voila! It says that Mackenyu is Nishikado Sojiro. Well, his looks definitely suits him. I thought he somehow has a semblance with Matsuda Shota (the drama adaptation’s Sojiro), too! I guess his hairstyle there is the primary reason why I did not recognize him at first. I did thought that he is attractive, too. Of course, he did not have as much exposure as the Domyouji and Rui, but I can say that he was able to portray the character well.


Then, the next time I saw him is in Chihayafuru movies as Wataya Arata. I think Mackenyu will do great with romance dramas, so I hope he gets casted for one someday. (But that could be a shoujo adaptation, so I’m a bit conflicted. But I want to see him as a lead, so I don’t know anymore!) He seems like the type who can easily have chemistry with his onscreen partners.

This 2017, he has a couple of movies coming out! One of them is Pacific Rim 2, so I’m contemplating if I’ll watch its first movie. I’m not even sure if he has a big role there, but whatever. At least I will see him. Haha!

He also has Cheerdance which actually stars Hirose Suzu, the actress who portrayed Chihaya Ayase. Seeing the trailer, I assume she has some sort of crush on him. He tells her that he is going to support her, too, so maybe his character has or will have an interest on her character, too.

Then, there’s Peach Girl. I was able to watch the anime when I was younger, but I barely remember anything about it. But I’m sure there is a love polygon. I think it’s pretty generic because I forgot about it. Anyway, Mackenyu will act as Toji, the love interest of the main protagonist. Still going to watch it for him.

Of course, Chihayafuru Part III will also be out this year, so I’m definitely waiting for it! More Mackenyu, Nomura Shuhei, and Matsuoka Mayu! Yay!

tumblr_ohs3zdl4lq1r54tyro1_500Oh, and Mackenyu’s also casted for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. I haven’t seen the anime nor read the manga, but I’ll probably watch this since it’s going to be directed by Takashi Miike plus Mackenyu, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Okada Masaki, and Yamada Takayuki are included in the cast.

He has such a sweet smile and sparkling eyes; I can stare at him all day! I’d love to see him in a drama or movie with lots of my beloved actors, too! Just look at that picture of him with Kamiki, Yamazaki Kento (not a fan of him, though), and Sakurada Dori (that face LOL)! He uploaded that on his Instagram account on Sakurada’s birthday. I guess they celebrated it together.

Speaking of birthdays, if there’s one thing that hurts me, it is him being months younger than me! It is even almost a year gap! As if I have a chance with him and as if age matters a lot. Anyway, this gap won’t be able to stop me from seeking his shows and from gushing over him. Now, I’m so excited for his future projects. Looking forward to his improvements!


2 thoughts on “Behold!: Mackenyu

  1. seina says:

    Hello 🙂
    Couldn’tagree more with everything you wrote, I discovered Mackenyu a few months ago and I have watched everything I could find with him. Truly a gorgeous being and a good actor too. I was surprised he wasn’t more popular in Japan, I hope he gets some lead roles soon. I found him particularly mesmerizing in the short drama I’ll Fall in Love with you again Tomorrow, he was handsome and charming beyond description. What I like about him compared to some actors of this generation is that he does not overact, he inhabits his characters, very often you can’t tell that it is the same actor but he is very subtle and does not exaggerate like many young jactors, who are reputed to be good actors, do.

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  2. seina says:

    I want to add, what hurts me the most as a mackenyu fan is the absence of subs for many of his shows like Bokutachi ga yarimashita add to that that he hasn’t been in that many project so far so I fouond myself fangirling over him in interviews and variety shows ( slaying the short hair look for peach girl promotions) but even those are not subbed of course.

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