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February has the season that a lot of romantics love. I was originally planning to post a review of one of my favorite romance manga/anime/drama series or some sort of a list of my top romance stories, but then I came across this certain music video and I made some GIFs of it (plus I don’t really have much time to write), so I decided to talk about some things related to that music video. That particular video is that of Super Junior’s No Other.

Years ago, the song “Sorry Sorry” became known in our country. I always see it on MTV channels. I did not became a fan of the group until I was able to watch the MVs for “Sorry Sorry Answer” and “Blue Tomorrow”, though. That was when I started looking up each of  their names.

Since becoming familiar with their names, I started listening to their other songs as well as watching the music videos for some of their other songs. I loved a lot of their songs, especially the older ones (Don’t Don!). I am particularly fond of Happiness and No Other, however.

While Happiness speaks of the desire to make other person whose been with him happy (the MV makes me envious of the fans who managed to hug them!), No Other is a song about man’s dedication and love for his beloved. It is always great to see people who are loving another person to their fullest. SuJu’s music video shows some of the members (sad to see that they’re not complete there) — Siwon, Leeteuk, Sungmin, Yesung, Donghae, Heechul, Shindong, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and Eunhyuk — doing different romantic surprises or gestures, ranging from the simplest ones to those which require so much effort.

Now, I’d like to list them based on how I personally liked them. Just because.

10. Tied shoelaces


Siwon’s here is probably the simplest gesture, with him tying up the girl’s shoelaces. It doesn’t mean he loses with the others, though, because it’s always great to see guys being gentlemen and caring. Plus, Siwon looks adorably shy here. (I don’t know why he isn’t with the group dancing, though.) I remember spazzing over him so much because of him here and on Happiness.

9. Heart collage


The ever-so-adorable maknae Kyu, meanwhile, gathers different photos to create a big collage that creates a heart on the wall. (It’s the one on the opening scene of the music video.) Of course, just sticking up pictures won’t do because it also requires thinking for the whole picture to have some kind of balance.

8. The puzzle of hearts


Here’s a cute surprise from Shindong. He puts together a puzzle that makes a colorful heart. Not sure how many pieces there are (it looks like it’s about a hundred based on some of the shots), but I’m just happy to think that he enjoyed doing that!

7. Love-related photos


Leader Leeteuk takes different pictures of things and scenes related to love. He even took a photo of the ones with Kyuhyun, Shindong, and Heechul! He had to pay careful attention to his surroundings and to go to different places to gather the pictures.

6. Washing the car with love


Ryeowook here is out to surprise the girl by personally washing her car. A+ for effort doing that while wearing good clothes! Haha!

5. Watch the abs man


Then, we have Eunhyuk’s dance routine recorded for the lucky girl. She’s got her bonus what with him having his shirt unbuttoned all the way, so his abs are showing while dancing.

4. Classic surprise


Handwritten love letter? That’s what Heechul has here! I just want to hug him whenever I see this scene where he gives the letter! It doesn’t help that the perspective is the audience’ so it feels like he’s giving me the letter!

Now, onto the top 3, which, I must say I am heavily biased toward so they’re up on the list.

3. One red rose

If one thinks about it, this is really just a simple surprise which takes less effort than what the others did. One only has to buy one rose and to call the beloved person to a gymnasium or somewhere and that’s that. But I can’t help putting it up on my list because, well, that’s Donghae! He’s just so adorable that I couldn’t help but make other GIFs of his parts here.

2. Piano surprise


I’ve always loved serenades, so this is definitely on top of my list. I’d love to be serenaded by Sungmin! He has such a nice voice. (Look how cute he tiptoes!)

1. Kids and balloons


I’m fond of kids and I like balloons, so this surprise has been the best for me ever since I watched the MV. I liked how kids are involved in the preparation (and who knows whether they are the ones who led the girl to the venue). This particular shot of them takes my breath away. Especially with that ring. I wouldn’t mind if this is how someone will propose to me someday! Oh, and Yesung’s absolutely handsome here! (He became my first bias in the group when I first watched the Sorry Sorry Answer MV. I called him “the vest guy” back when I still didn’t know their names.) For me, this is the best surprise.

This February isn’t only the time to make surprises for the love of our lives — may that be a special other, family, or friends. Everyday gives a chance for us to show our love to other people! I’m sure even little surprises are enough to make their hearts flutter.


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