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Because I left my hard drive at home, I can’t watch any anime or Japanese drama series. (No Internet connection. OTL) Though I think I’ll be able to watch Koudaike no Hitobito because of some circumstances.

Anyway, I’m surrounded by people who are more into Korean drama series and movies, so I got to watching some of them again. Now, I’m watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo with one of my roommates. (Two of my other housemates started it later, but they’re almost finished with this now.) We’re keeping it twice a week, but we’ve been behind for a few episodes because of a lot more things to prioritize.

Here are Lee Jong Suk (it’s adorable how he Lee Sung Kyung are close friends!) and Nam Joo Hyuk being adorable on episode 2 (IIRC).

The next episode my roommate and I will watch is going to be the 8th episode and I can’t wait! So far, I’m enjoying this drama so much because it’s so lighthearted. It’s perfect for  when I am taking a break from academic stuff.

But I still miss my anime and J-dramas. (I’ll be going home on the weekend so I’ll get that hard drive back from my cousin!) In any case, at least I’m loving the updates of Daiya no Ace Act II and Haikyuu!! manga series. Yay for Eijun and Karasuno!


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