Say, You: Irino Miyu

Though it could be a challenge to read subtitles while watching what is happening, I still prefer subbed over dubbed ones. (I did have a dream of being a voice actor for some shows aired in our country, though.)

Even if it’s already more than a decade ago since I started watching anime series, it’s only been a few years ago when I started appreciating the seiyuu or voice actors. They are important because they help —  though sometimes fail — to bring to life the characters of the series. They could make a character loveable or annoying depending on how they deliver their lines.

Before, I used to be like “oh, he sounds like someone from this anime” and never looks them up, but now I can recognize voices of certain voice actors. This post marks as the start of my series of posts about certain voice actors or actresses that I like or love in no particular order. First on the list: Irino Miyu.

A charismatic character calls for a charismatic voice from a charismatic person.

d0ae49d215be4189708c81c6fc14d7c6Irino Miyu is one of those charismatic voice actors. With his remarkable performances for a lot of characters from many famous anime series, his voice sure is memorable. If one will try to watch some seiyuu events of the series he is on, he will definitely remember Irino, too. I know because that was what happened to me when I watched Haikyuu!!’s seiyuu event on 2014. (He’s one of the most memorable seiyuu there.) That was the start of my having an interest in him.

These are some of the characters he lent his voice for on the anime series/movies I watched:

Irino is the voice behind a lot of the main characters on the list — Daisuke, Sena, Syaoran, Jintan, Chizuru, Tadakuni, and Haku. With a voice like that, he is mostly casted for the characters with nice personalities. His voice sounds soft yet still masculine, one that I would love to hear before going to sleep. If he’d serenade me, I bet I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from squealing with glee. Anyway, he also have some who are the serious and cold type of characters like Ulquiorra (Bleach).


Irino forms a seiyuu unit called KAmiYu with Hiroshi Kamiya. They are two of the best seiyuu out there!

The first time I heard his voice is on Spirited Away, my gateway anime movie. During those times, I only spazz over the characters’ voices that I liked and I didn’t bother to know who the voice actors are. Now, I can gladly re-watch it while the images of the other characters he’s voiced for flash on my mind. (Somehow, I enjoy that.)

He is also the voice behind the well-known Todomatsu from Osomatsu-san. Still thinking about whether to watch that or not. Oh, and I’m not a gamer, but I want to play Kingdom Hearts just because Irino also voices Sora.

This 2017 is a sad year for us his fans because he is on hiatus to study abroad. In the meantime, I will watch his other series that I’m interested in. Once I got more time.


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