Up-To-Date: Of Something Different Starting

Up-To-Date is going to be about some of the thoughts, rants, and everything else that I have to say about certain series that I follow. I think it will mostly be manga series, but if I get to watch some ongoing anime or drama series, perhaps I will be able to write about them, too. I’m not sure if they will be like reviews, so I’ll just see how it goes. One thing’s for sure: SPOILER ALERT! (This post will contain spoilers for Daiya no Ace Act II, Haikyuu!!, Skip Beat! and Akatsuki no Yona.)


Daiya no Ace Act II Latest Chapter: 68「 Who? 」

Daiya no Ace Act II is the continuation of the Daiya no Ace manga series. It occurs right after the Koshien where a lot of new characters are introduced. (Now, this reminds me that I still have that part 2 of my post about Daiya that’s been on the drafts for a long time now, but I still haven’t published because it’s still not finished.) For a long time, I’m sure fans of the series, particularly of Sawamura Eijun, must be waiting for the moment when they will be able to see dear Eijun on the spotlight, shining as he pursue his dream of becoming the ace of the team.

Though I’ve only become a fan just last year, I could only imagine so much frustration as Eijun’s fans wait and wait for his moment to prove himself worthy to be the ace. Sure, many times it’s shown how he was able to support the team, but those earlier scenes are still somehow frustratingly not enough. Lately, though, with the recent updates of the manga, it seems it’s starting to focus more on the main protagonist. (Of course, it’s good to see how the team’s improving, but there’s just that specific kind of satisfaction felt as one see the main protagonist develop.) And, of course, I’m more than happy for that!

o007The latest update is about the first inning while defending the opponents — Hakuryuu — to score. There is already one out with 2 runners on 2nd and 3rd bases. Eijun’s in a pinch because the opponents are known for their fast legs and there’s danger with the runners being where they are. But, of course, Eijun doesn’t let that pressure him as he focuses on the batter. Miyuki, then, asks for a cutter which surprised all the people.

Oh, how I loved the exchanged looks between Eijun and Miyuki! Their lessons about the calls for pitches must have drawn them closer.

In this chapter, I got to see a lot of Eijun and his being his adorable self. There’s even that moment with Haruichi that I longed for for quite a long time. I can only teary-eyed re-read and re-read the scenes that show that he’s being acknowledged by more people now. This baby deserves all these.

Anyway, this chapter also showcase Haruichi and Kuramochi’s skills, too. How I missed Ryo-Mochi tandem. But these two are doing well, too!

Their turn to defend for the first inning ended though I’d love to see more of the numbers. But then again, there are a lot more innings left. I’m excited to see how Seido will handle the game, especially Eijun, who’s the most challenged one with this game with Hakuryuu.


Haikyuu!! Latest Chapter: 243 Their Respective First Matches 」

In Haikyuu!!, Karasuno just finished their game with Tsubakihara, their first opponent for the Nationals. I thought they would play a full 3-set game, but it ended on the 2nd set with, of course, Karasuno winning! (How disappointing will it be had they lost their first game!)

There isn’t much of Tsukki, but I guess he got a lot of attention during the game with Shiratorizawa. And there are more character developments to show besides his. Like Narita’s, for example. I got so bummed for him when he did not get to play during the Inter-High, but I’m glad he got to play here! Though, of course, I already kind of expected it, what with his improvements shown during the training just before Nationals. So excited to see him have some service aces like Yamaguchi before!

Anyway, the chapter, as the title suggests, takes a peek of what’s happening on the other courts. Before that, though, the third years went to see their seniors who went to see their game. The look on the kouhais’ faces are adorable as they greeted the two!

Nekoma’s qualified for the second round like Karasuno and I’m sure they’ll continue to win until the Battle of the Garbage Dump happens again. The following chapter/s must be about Fukurodani’s game, though, as the chapter ended with Bokuto entering his depressed mode. Oh, how stressed out my dear Akaashi will be!


Akatsuki no Yona Latest Chapter: 136 Message 」

This chapter is quite an emotional one for me. It reveals the reason why Min-Soo is still alive and where he stands in all the chaos that happens. I’d love to see him serve the kingdom under Yona’s rule!

Anyway, Hak suggests that they ask the Wind tribe’s help. For them to do that, they have to send a messenger. Since Ogi was there, they asked him to do it for them, but Ogi asked for payment. The lot had no money and it surprised everyone to see Yona offering the hairpin that Soo-Won gave her. (Though not everyone knows about that.)

The look on Hak’s face! Her giving it away could mean a lot of things. It may speaks of how she values the Dragons and Yoon more than her affections for him. It could mean that she is ready to let go of Soo-Won as she chooses to protect more people. It could mean she’s finally resolved to totally facing the harsh truth, taking away the last innocent connection she had of the past. Yona looks determined and unwavering. I’m  so curious of what will happen in the future!


Skip Beat! Latest Chapter: 245  Survivor Combat 」

Skip Beat‘s latest chapter picks up from when Kyoko is to go back to the auditions. She is determined to make the meticulous  and prideful producer change his mind.

k006That producer looks creepy. He reminds me of that particular man who is one of the villains on Shokugeki no Souma, Erina’s father. Anyway, I liked this conversation between Lory and Yashiro. I actually did not know that being an “actor” and being a “talent” are two different things until this came up here.

I was on Yashiro’s side until Lory pointed out how Kyoko pushing through the audition even as a talent may benefit her and the producer himself. I do believe that she is able! I’m sure Kyoko will be able to prove herself worthy of the role.

k030The audition will have the people auditioning for the roles test their, uh, ninja skills. This is going to be interesting. I wonder how Erika will perceive things? Will she be able to overcome her problems by the end of the audition?

On another note, Ren is coming back on the scene! I wonder if he will visit the audition just to check on Kyoko? No matter, just seeing his face should be enough. (Though I actually also miss seeing Sho, too. And Beagle! I can’t even remember when he last appeared.)


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