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As my roommate and I were watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, my roommate suddenly asked me a question, “When you were little, did you ever dream of becoming like them?” She was not referring to Kim Bok Joo and her fellow weightlifters. She asked that as the gymnastics club was shown, with the girls stretching their legs and body so much.

My answer is, of course, no. “Of course” because I know myself. When I was younger, I tried doing splits and different tumblings, but I was just not cut out for those things. I’m just not flexible. So, even if I admired gymnasts, I didn’t dream of becoming one.

Speaking of gymnastics, I always remember this one particular anime from my childhood years — Kaleido Star. It is a shoujo anime about finding out, pursuing, and realizing one’s dreams. I will never get tired of re-watching it once in a while because it inspires me to persevere in whatever I am aiming for.

Now, I loved all of its songs, the OPs in particular, but what I favor the most is Yakusoku no Basho e (lit. To The Promised Place). It’s the 2nd opening theme sang by Yonekura Chihiro.


The dream that everyone is seeking for
is out there for sure. Somewhere out there.
Until the day my wish is answered, I won’t be alone.

I may have been defeated,
but my feelings are still overflowing like this.
You said, “Do it till the very end!”, right?
I’m sure I found strength in that.

Anytime, impossible tasks are set before me,
always running around in circles.
But, you’re the only one that stayed by my side…

The dream that everyone is seeking for
is out there for sure. Somewhere out there.
Until the day my wish is answered, I won’t be alone!

Yes growin’ up. Yes, time for jump!

The setting sun and the wind we saw that day,
even now, my heart hasn’t given it closure.

Actually, I understood why, but I didn’t say it.
You’re the only one that always stayed by my side…

The dream that everyone is seeking for
is out there for sure. Somewhere out there.
I want to believe that something will start from here.

I still see the light, so I continue onwards to the promised place.
Until the day my wish is answered, I won’t be alone.

The tiny blue sky in our eyes, widen.
The most, the best smile. Yes, smile.

The dream that everyone is seeking for
is out there for sure. We can walk to it.
I want to believe that something will start from here.

I still see the light, so I continue onwards to the promised place.
Until the day my wish is answered, I won’t be alone!

Yes, growin’ up. Yes, time for jump!

(source: animelyrics)

It’s great to know that you’re not alone in the journey that you’re taking. Everybody has their own paths to take, but to know that there is someone or some people who support them is a great boost for confidence. It gives people strength and determination to continue what they are doing.

I think this OP speaks a lot about Naegino Sora, the protagonist of the series. The family and friends surrounding gives a lot of aid whenever she has setbacks.

Oh, how I miss this anime. I would love to see another anime about acrobatics! Especially what with the kind of animation they could do these days. I’m sure it would be pretty. Kaleido Star was released on 2003 and I think its animation is fairly decent. But the stunts would probably look more astounding if done today.


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