Jin The Wind Tamer


Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the shounen anime series that I used to watch with my father when I was young. I remember cheering for Yusuke’s team, especially when he faced Toguro. I barely remember anything about the whole story except some matches and Puu, so I decided to re-watch it.

In the Dark Tournament saga, there were up against Mashoutsukai Team. This is where two of my most favorite rivals are in. One is Toya who faced Kurama and the other is this guy, Jin. He’s a cheerful guy and, though it’s ugly to hear, loves to fight. His fight with Yusuke is the one I remember most actually because it’s one that Yusuke enjoyed.

Honestly, he is one of my crushes in the series, too. So, yep. Here is a rough sketch.

I also decided that I’ll have a Fanart Friday! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post weekly, though. But fan arts are for Fridays! The only exception is the Tsukki one I did earlier this week.


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