Roses in the Midst of Scorching Heat (Appreciation for Female Characters on Sports Anime, Part 2)

So here’s the second part of my appreciation post for these ladies who are usually on the sidelines supporting our beloved bishounen characters. Ahh, this took a while because I got lazy. Part 1 is here.


Ryuzaki Sakuno (Prince of Tennis)

Sakuno is Seigaku tennis club’s coach’s granddaughter. Sakuno is shy and reserved and can get easily flustered. She is clumsy (not so much in the manga, however) and has no sense of direction which gets people (Ryoma, actually) and herself in trouble at times. In the anime, she is terrible at tennis, so she ended up spending some time getting some lessons from the tennis prodigy himself. She’s quite persistent at learning it. Though in the manga, she’s a much better player. Ryoma complains about her long braided hair but she stands firm about not cutting it. (Yeah, you go, girl. Don’t let yourself be manipulated.) Anyway, the most notable skill of hers is cooking. She even made some for Ryoma and he actually ate it. (She even got a compliment for a fallen onigiri from a certain wild child!)


Momoi Satsuki (Kuroko no Basuke)

Satsuki was the Generation of Miracles’ manager, so she has a good relationship with each of them. She is fond of — in love with? — Tetsuya the most which started when he gave her a winning ice cream stick. It’s amusing to see her interact with Tetsu. Undoubtedly however, Satsuki is closest with Aomine. They are childhood friends so she knows him very well. They are often seen together on and off court. The reason why Satsuki entered Touou is Aomine, too. Satsuki is concerned of the things he would do, so she went to the same school to keep him in check. She is usually cheerful, especially outside the court. Whenever there’s a game though, her cleverness and amazing researching and analysing skills become apparent. She is able to predict the plays the opponents would do, except Tetsu. 


Yoshikawa Haruno (Diamond no Ace)

Haruno is in the same year as Sawamura and others. She is clumsy, but she always supports the team. She is shown frowning upon bystanders who throw insults at the team. Haruno is the one who gave Eijun the idea of running with a tire. Since the start, she respected him because of how he confidently declared his aim to become the ace amidst their classmates’ jeerings. There are also times that even though the others are praising the other players, she at least gives him credit and attention. Some scenes somewhat imply that she has an interest in him, but it hasn’t really been cleared. Recently, in the manga, it is shown that the underclassmen are relying on her, so it’s great to see her development. She’s growing along the other players and that’s just great to know. Once the third years graduate, I’m sure this sweet girl will cry a lot.


Yachi Hitoka (Haikyuu!!)

Initially, Yachi is an unmotivated intelligent student who is talented in design, as influenced by her mother. She only goes with the flow of life and doesn’t dedicate herself to anything. Until she was approached by Kiyoko. She was suddenly sucked into the world of volleyball where passionate players exists. At first, she was reluctant but after getting motivations here and there, she decided to join the club as a manager. She learned the sports from scratch. Her dedication shows through the focus she had every time she takes note of the new things she learn. Now she’s one of the greatest supporters of the team. Her relationship with the upperclassmen and fellow first years is good. Slightly shipping her with Yamaguchi, but totally with Hinata. 


Shimizu Kaoru (Major series)

Shimizu is Goro’s childhood friend. During grade school, she was his seatmate and their personalities clashed. Eventually, though, after understanding Goro more and after trying the sport, she got into playing baseball. She even joined the little league with him even if she was the only girl. Actually, she insisted to be a member of it. After elementary, however, she switched to playing softball and became good at it. It didn’t matter if she wasn’t with Goro, she continued to support Goro wherever he went and whatever he did. Even his pursuit to be in the Major League. Kaoru is a good friend and sister (even if she and Taiga almost always bicker) who people can count on.


Matsuoka Gou (Free!)

Gou is ready to rage on the people who dare call her by her name (because it’s quite of a boyish one). She prefers to be called ‘Kou’ (which is funny to me because the other Kou that I know is the lead male character from Aohoraido). She is Rin’s younger sister who goes to the same school as Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa. She joined the Iwatobi Swim Club as a manager and does a good job as one (while actually enjoying looking at muscles). She cares and loves her brother so much that she constantly checks on him. Their interactions are actually amusing to watch, too, because they get along well. Her character is actually likeable because she is capable and independent as well as dependable.


3 thoughts on “Roses in the Midst of Scorching Heat (Appreciation for Female Characters on Sports Anime, Part 2)

  1. animeichan says:

    The Appreciation for Female Characters on Sports Anime. It’s awesome. We love to see more of it. We could also drift the perspective on other genres. There’s a lot of strong female characters out there who supported anime on the sidelines. Although, I see that this post is directed to anime with bishounen characters. 😉

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    • ameithyst says:

      I still have some more to appreciate so there’s still part 3 (and 4?). But yeah, this post is mainly for appreciating female characters on sports anime (which are mostly comprised of male characters). I’m glad you liked this. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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