The Three Karasuno Ladies

20170612_111915I did this one some time after the announcement of the new casts for Haisute (Haikyuu!! stage play). I’m so happy that there will finally be people who’ll play as these three lovely ladies! They are:

Nagao Shizune as Kiyoko Shimizu
Saitou Ami as Yachi Hitoka
Sadachi Momoko as Tanaka Saeko

I’m so excited for the Summer of Progress! There’s just so much I’m looking forward for! (But I’m still not over the fact that Kimura Tatsunari and Hashimoto Shouhei won’t be there anymore. Though I’m still expecting that the new casts will perform well. Anyway, there’s no Oikawa/Kousuke and Iwa-chan/Allen, too! Sobs.)


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