3 Manga Series I Recently Read Because of Their Adaptations This Summer 2017

There are times when I watch an anime series because of having read the manga (Akagami no Shirayukihime, Akatsuki no Yona, Chihayafuru, Kuroko no Basket, just to name some) and there are also times when it’s because of the anime series that I get into reading the manga (most of the sports anime I watch). I usually binge-watch anime series, but some of the anime series this season got me curious and I couldn’t stop myself from watching their first episodes. Then, I ended up reading the manga series.

Here are the three series that got added on my reading list along with my thoughts and opinions regarding each of them.


Koi to Uso
by: Tsumugi Musawo

As of writing, the latest chapter is 136, with its — can you believe it? — 6 pages. I’m still kind of baffled by the decreasing number of pages every new chapter. I mean, even weekly shounen manga series have at least 20! Anyway, putting that aside, after catching up to the latest chapter (it’s easy because, again, most of the chapters have less than 20 pages), I realized that the anime can actually cover it the very recent happenings unless they choose to draw it out, in which case will make the story suffer. Even more than it already is.

When I watched the first episode, I wasn’t really impressed by Neji and Misaki and even after 136 chapters, I couldn’t care less about them. So why did I bother to be updated? The answers: Lilina and Nisaka. I just found their characters more interesting though I also found myself frustrated by them at some point.

Can I just say that whenever I’m looking at their eyes, I feel like they will swallow me? It’s somehow disturbing me.


Ballroom e Youkoso
by: Takeuchi Tomo

I was glad that I read this after Koi to Uso because had it been the other way around, my mood would surely turn sour. Anyway, for me, the anime’s first episode started strong. I spent time debating with myself if I should read Koi to Uso but Ballroom e Youkoso‘s ED had not ended yet when I found myself searching for the manga. I quickly fell in love with it! The characters are all entertaining and interesting to me that I can’t just get enough of it. The dynamic relationships of the pairs is a joy to see. The 4th key visual already teased the addition of this lovely character! I’m so excited to see her animated! I just wonder who will voice her. The art is also memorable and charming. Seriously, Kiyoharu is so adorable and handsome! I loved the watercolor-ish covers the mangaka does.

Honestly, though, no matter how much I love the series and its art, I admit that I find it difficult to fully enjoy because of the fact that I barely know anything about dance. All I know is waltz and they danced tango, foxtrot, and others. Yes, the manga shows movements, but not quite detailed enough for someone as ignorant as I am. So, yep. This made me more eager to watch the anime. I’m just glad that Production I.G. is handling it because I like their works. I guess I should start watching some videos and reading sources to further learn about the dances and competitions, too, because you see, this is a fairly realistic series. One chapter even showed the reference photos of the actual panels drawn and such things never cease to amaze me.

It just recently got out of hiatus around the start of the year so I just hope that the mangaka’s health is seriously better now partially because I hope that there will be S2. It’s at its 46th chapter (it’s 42nd on Batoto “due to the tankoubon numbering”) and things are getting more and more exciting!


Tsurezure Children
by: Wakabayashi Toshiya

This is a 4-koma web manga featuring a lot of couples. It’s more comedic than romantic, but it’s enjoyable all the same because each of the couples have different stories to offer, what with the differences on their characters. It may take a few chapters before a specific couple appears again and when they do, it’s a continuation of the previous one, so it could be frustrating at times. However, thanks to segawon who compiled the relationship continuation list made by MoreDrowsy, it’s easier to track the couples’ stories! It’s here. You’ll have to have a Batoto account, though. (Oh, and thanks to WhyNOT scans! and /a/nonymous & True Love Translations who did and are doing the scanlations, the titles include the pairings involved in the chapter.)

Currently, it has 149 crazy, funny, and fluffy chapters. I hope the anime will be able to capture this series’ charm.

I’m going to read Kakegurui‘s manga, too, but not now because I’m not in the mood for that kind of series. And I still have some more I’m reading and catching up with which I set aside for the above three.

I feel like it’s an accomplishment to post something like this with less than 1k words.


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