Roses in the Midst of Scorching Heat (Appreciation for Female Characters on Sports Anime, Part 3)

Now that I’m writing this, I realized that there are quite a lot of female characters who are there to support our beloved male MCs!

Part 1 | Part 2


Momoe Maria (Ookiku Furikabutte)

She’s called Momokan by our adorable baseball players from Nishiura High. That’s in short for “Momoe-監督 (kantoku)” or Manager/Coach Momoe. Momokan used to be a member of the softball club, but because it disbanded and there were less people interested with it, she turned to the baseball club. She is the one who gathered the adorable kids and trained them. Because of her wit, she knows how to convince the students, especially the simple-minded Tajima. Momokan is working part-time jobs from which comes the money she uses for the club. It’s also notable that she has good baseball skills and is strong, too, able to crush oranges with her bare hands. On top of that, she won’t let sexist comments, too! Who wouldn’t love this strong woman?


Tsukishima Aoba (Cross Game)

Aoba is actually one of the protagonists of the story, but she needs more love and she’s still a woman, so here she is on this list! Aoba is one of the four sisters who grew up with the main character, Kou. Aoba loves her sister Wakana so much she has sis-con. This is also the reason why her sister’s words are engraved on her heart which eventually helps her through some times. Aoba is has a deep love for baseball that even if girls aren’t allowed on the mound for official games, she still chose to join baseball club. She hates to lose so she gives her all in everything. She’s not good with household works, but she still tries to cook.


Michimiya Yui (Haikyuu!!)

Yui is the captain of the girls’ volleyball club in Karasuno. She initially has insecurities but eventually focused on her desire to win. She doesn’t show her weak side to her team and remains patient with each of them. She is also a good friend of Daichi, Suga, and Asahi, but especially of Daichi. They sometimes talk one-on-one when it is shown that Yui actually has feelings for the other captain. She even gave him a charm for the finals!


Nagata Yuri (Giant Killing)

Yuri is a PR officer for the East Tokyo United. She is also the daughter of its current president and is the one who usually mediates between her dad and uncle, the vice president of the club. She went with the general manager to convince Tatsumi Takeshi to return to Japan. She is one of Tatsumi’s fans ever since his early days and is passionate about football itself, too. Yuri enjoys her work as well, even to the point of overworking one time. She’s just too adorable whenever she suddenly goes into work mode!


Tomiko (Hajime no Ippo)

Tomiko is one of the nurses who went to a group date with the four Kamogawa boys. She eventually became Aoki’s girlfriend — and a sweet one, too! She is supportive of Aoki, watching his watches, celebrating his wins and comforting him when he loses fights. She gets along with the guys, too, as she goes with them at some places to hang out.


Ryuzaki Sumire (Prince of Tennis)

Sumire is Seigaku tennis club’s coach. She is Nanjiro’s old friend as well as Sakuno’s grandmother. She is wise, knowing what to say to her players, though sometimes the players don’t listen to her because they’re just so stubborn. She yields to them, though, because she doesn’t want to be in their way of trying to accomplish something. She has a good relationship with her players and even goes with them to do some recreational activity. It’s cute!

Cross Game is actually not mainly focused on the sports since it’s well-blended with slice-of-life, romance, and drama elements, but I still think it deserves to be on this list. Moreover, I want more people to see this anime, too!

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