Up-To-Date: Akagami no Shirayukihime 88

Before akagamins’ release, I’ve already seen the raws provided by wistalcastle and read nijiyoake‘s translations so I already know what’s happening, but it’s still great to read the chapter properly scanlated and all. So here I am fangirling writing about it.

img000001The previous 2 chapters marked the end of the Bergatt arc. It was ended satisfyingly. And now, we get the much awaited reunion of our dearest two leads, Zen and Shirayuki!

But first, the chapter opens with a sexy Izana Zen asking Garak where she is and he’s told she’s in the pharmacy’s library and that she’s free after that.

With all those ドツ, it feels like Zen is both nervous and excited about the fact that he’s finally — finally! — seeing Shirayuki again! And it made my heart full of anticipation when I first saw the raws, too.

Then the scene cut to Mitsuhide, Kiki, and Obi playing cards and talking about Shirayuki. Obi kinda narrated what happened, of how Shirayuki was so worried about each of them.

Honestly, I’m a low-key ObiYuki shipper even if I know that there’s no chance. But this still makes me happy whenever they have such scenes. Though it also pains me because I know that Obi has no chance. But I’m also glad that they have friendship as a foundation. Obi also respects and loves both Shirayuki and Zen, so he will never betray them. Anyway, the scene ends with Obi winning.

And then, finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.



It has been so long since the last time they were together! Shirayuki was busy studying and doing amazing things in Lyrias, while Zen was busy managing political, kingdom matters. They’re both growing on their own, inspired and motivated by one another. So they, more than anyone else, have been waiting so much for this moment.


I love that scene above. The moment they noticed each other, they went to the place where they could be closer immediately, not minding if the other was on the upper floor. (I imagine that they were locked eyes as they moved there and held hands.) That, I think, is how much they’re longing to be in the presence of the other. Then, Shirayuki bursted into tears because of relief that Zen’s all right. And Zen eventually got teary-eyed, too. And, of course, even with hands held together, they’d love to be closer and to see each other properly, so Zen told her to stay there and sit down.

Right after reaching her, Zen kneels down and gives her a kiss… and followed by another one which surprised Shirayuki. (That’s the most intimate kiss in this series so far.) And it’s just so romantic because the urgency and the length of the kiss(es) speaks volumes of how deep their longing is for one another, how they missed one another, and possibly of how they’re glad the other is there and safe, too. It’s like they’re making up for the time that passed.

It’s amusing how Zen almost lost control. Understandable because between them, Shirayuki seems to be the one with more self-control. And they both ended up blushing as usual after it. And then they hugged as Zen expressed his happiness, teary-eyed.

Though I’m not sure how many more chapters we’ll see with these two together, it’s satisfying to see them here, knowing they have accomplished lots of things while they are away from each other. They have one of the healthiest relationships I’ve ever read and I hope to see more series with couples like them.

I’m looking forward to the next arc! Obi said that they’re going back to Lyrias, but I hope we’ll get to see them spend the holidays together.

Manga caps from scanlations by akagamins and Impatient Scans.


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