Up-To-Date: Akatsuki no Yona 144

I got outdated after the Sei arc and, of course, I wanted to get understand everything (aside from wanting to see their beautiful faces again). Thus, I recently re-watched then re-read Akatsuki no Yona and I’m so full of feels after the latest updates because I got a proper grasp of everything. So here’s my thoughts regarding the latest chapter, Anger/Rage.

img000001First of all, it’s heartbreaking to see that title page now. It features the Five Stars — Vold, Algira, Neguro, Yotaka, and Mizari — with Princesses Tao and Kouren. Together. It’s most likely the picture that Tao would like to happen, had they got into the agreement to be a vassal kingdom for Kouka. Now, it’s just impossible to happen, what with the things that happened.

Then, the chapter starts with the continuation of the attack from masked people following Priest Gobi (surely). They are firing arrows to kill Kouren.

Just then, Vold comes to protect Kouren, though she tried to push him to protect Tao, holding her pride. She says she’s not going to accept protection from the rival faction. But Vold cleverly answers her.

Such a loveable man Vold is. And let me just say that it’s heartbreaking to hear him say that he’s taking Neguro’s place to protect her. I’ve seen the raws before this got properly scanlated and it broke my heart, but seeing it again still has the same impact. Vold is acknowledging the end of Neguro AND I. JUST. CAN’T.


I love this panel!

Anyway, while Vold is at it, he manages to segue to tell Kouren that she should rule the country together with Tao. Nice one there, Vold! And then Algira comes to protect the two princesses with Vold as seen in the picture above.

We also see Yona worry about Hak because he was shot by arrows to protect Yona. Of course, he won’t let his princess be away from him! I bet it will be more difficult for Yona to get Hak leave her alone in her future missions.

Then they leave that place. That panel fo Kouren looking back at Neguro who was still standing is powerfully heartbreaking! Him staying in that position shows his resolve to protect Kouren until his body is unusable anymore.


After Yona and company left that place, Mizari enters the scene and sees Neguro. He approaches him to ask where Kouren is. He is about to touch him till Neguro clasped his hand first and sends him to the back, receiving the arrows meant to kill Mizari. AND THIS IS JUST SO HEARTBREAKING. (If you can’t already tell, this is a really heartbreaking chapter for me.) I’m sure that must have been the last of Neguro’s strength and he used it to protect his comrade. Then his body finally drops to the ground. AND I JUST COULDN’T STOP MY TEARS. EVEN NOW WHILE WRITING THIS. Neguro wasn’t even in a lot of chapters, but we got his backstory on how and why he follows Kouren. And that’s enough to sympathize with him and to understand his motivations.

Then, Mizari fights back and kills the attackers, telling Neguro that he’s going to prove himself. He’s going to search for Kouren and follow her. I actually find Mizari’s character quite twisted, but he’s sure to loyally follow Kouren.

And again, this chapter begs the question: Where’s Yotaka? Why isn’t he seen looking for Kouren to protect her? Some speculate that he’s a traitor who’s truly on Gobi’s side, but personally, I don’t think he is. When the attackers went to where Yoon and the dragons and Mizari are, someone said that they are to kill Yotaka, too. However, I do find his reaction at the time they were told by Vold that Kouren was going to use the soldiers even if they die odd.


Anyhow, some attackers who are on the roof are shooting arrows and look at that Yona kicking a table up! She’s so badass there that I hoped the dragons saw that, too. And it’s amusing that Hak thought that that was Jae-ha’s influence after Kouren expressed curiosity regarding the education she received.

Then after a while, as Kouren is trying to shoot an arrow to the enemies, Jae-ha appears, claiming he finally became tired of being the “captive prince”, though he immediately collapses on Hak. And Hak’s expressions at seeing him are adorable!


Then, enter Shin-ah who’s using his powers on the enemies. Kouren already aims on Shin-ah but Yona stops her. I love how Yona just had to call on Shin-ah’s name to stop him. Before, she had to go in front of him and direct his gaze to hers to stop him, but this time, she just called on him at a distance.

I love all the dragons but Shin-ah’s probably who I’d call my favorite. He is just too pure and adorable and childlike and UGH I JUST LOVE HIM. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE WHEN HE RECOGNIZED YONA. JUST LOOK AT THAT EXPRESSION WHEN SHE TOOK AO. And look at that precious Ao. Hahaha! I love how he’s all chill even with all the fighting scenes.

Yoon, Zeno, and Kija are already on their way to where Yona and the others are. I’m so excited to see them reunited. It’s so much reassuring whenever they’re together. Like nothing bad is going to happen because they have each others’ backs.

I do wonder how it is with Kouka’s forces, too, though. Yona hastened to go back to Xing to tell them that Soo-won agreed to talk. I wonder if they will reach Xing while Yona and others are preoccupied fighting Priest Gobi’s minions?

Oh well… I can just wait for the next update.


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