Now Playing | Shunkan Sentimental

fmab-posterIf I’m going to list the anime series that have OPs and EDs that I both love, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will be listed on top. Its soundtrack is just that loveable and memorable. Now I’m going to talk about one of its ED, Shunkan Sentimental that has an official music video here.

Shunkan Sentimental is sang by SCANDAL, a cool all-female Japanese rock band. It’s their fifth major single that was released on February 2010. Here’s an English translation for the TV version of the song which I got from the FMA wikia.

A promise that we never would have made
will seek to take our future from us again today.
Why is it that even though we got what we wanted,
we are unable to offer an honest smile?
These tears welling up are fragments born of pain,
not of weakness or regret.
Whatever moment, whatever fate I face,
I’ve learned that one thing is certain.
Whatever limits, whatever hardship I face
I don’t want to give up.
Don’t let me go!
The warmth of your right hand that I held so tight
is still here with me.

This song was used as Brotherhood’s fourth ED, from episode 39 to 50. I believe that it was good thinking of the production to use the song as the ED. Coupled with good sequences, this ED, as it is a rock song, effectively pumps up viewers’ hype for the next episode. (Or at least that’s the case with me.) It’s incredibly helpful, especially that the episodes it cover are those which are about the preparations leading to the climax, the Promised Day.

The song also speaks of the characters’ perseverance. Even if the Homunculus are powerful, they’re not going to sit back and watch. They’re all ready to fight because there’s still hope.

Now excuse me while I play this song on loop.


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