Up-To-Date: Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare 27

The scanlation team that picked up Sakisaka Io’s Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare, Chibi Manga, is actually two chapters behind the latest. This chapter was released two weeks ago. I got the raws from baidu. The pictures in this post are cleaned and typeset by me (pretty obvious that it’s amateur work). I cross-checked my translation with moonlit-nightsky‘s. Oh, I just love this chapter!

a0f89afa43166d22e39b467c4c2309f79152d26bThe chapter picks up from where the previous chapter ended — Rio and Yuna looking for each other. A group congratulates a couple and Rio hears of it. He’s glad to see the girl isn’t Yuna. He continues to search for her. He thinks he saw Yuna but immediately realizes it isn’t her. Yuna surprises him as she grabs his shirt from the back.

She says that she wants him to listen as they stay like that. Yuna starts by expressing her gratitude to Rio as her earlier confession to him is part of the reason of the changes that happened to her. She just really wants to confess again, but Rio just wants her to stay.



Before Yuna is able to confess her feelings again, Rio cut her off to insist to show her face. When she releases the hold on his shirt, he faces her. She says sorry for interrupting when he’s searching for somebody, but she still wants to ask for a few more minutes with him.

Then Rio cuts her off again, admitting that he’s truly looking all over for someone and that someone is Yuna. She looks confused. Rio, then, admits that after seeing her face, he really doesn’t want her to go (look for the person he thought she was going to confess to). He says that he was content just letting her know his feelings, but that’s a lie and not enough. Rio told her that he thinks it’ll be good if she likes her even now and that he doesn’t want her to go confess (to another man).



Then comes that much-awaited confession from the man. He says that it’ll be good if she still likes him. If so, he says, she’ll be the most important person to him. He even tried to compare himself to the guy he thought she’s supposedly in love with. It’s amusing that he used the word 「奴」 or “yatsu” which is a rather crude way to address a person. It feels like his bitterness is seeping through it.

He wasn’t able to do a full comparison, however, because as he look at her, he sees her crying and he panics. She, then, confesses that the person she’s been looking for to confess to is actually Rio. That surprises him and he suddenly hugs her. He asks her if it’s true and she assures him that it’s always been him.


Rio: 今日からよろしくね。| Yuna: こちらこそ。

And then, this scene happens! YAY! I’m just so happy that these babies are finally on the same page! Yuna’s been such a good friend to him, but she deserves the happiness from having her feelings reciprocated. Honestly, I still feel kind of off that Rio quickly moved on from Akari to Yuna, but I have hopes that the development between these two will make up for it.


Anyway, the scene cuts to Akari going after her former classmates who are about to leave. Akari tells them her true feelings during the time she left their school. Her friends are baffled by the sudden confession, but they also admitted that they got sad back then, too. Akari tells them that she wants to be honest from now on. Again, she expresses her gratitude to Ryousuke, her ex-boyfriend, who made her realize how she usually says things after everything’s done.

Ryousuke, then, says his sorry for saying the things he said earlier that day. He admits his own failings, too. This made it all fair to Akari since it becomes clear that their break-up isn’t entirely Akari’s fault. They both acknowledges their similarities.

Then, Ryousuke continues to say that he’s glad that he went there and that they met up. He had a lot of fun, he says, and not only that, but even during the time when they were still together. Akari gives her a smile in response.

As they separated, Akari hopes she got closer to how Yuna is while Ryousuke looks back to her with that look that seems to communicate an implication of a possible conflict involving him.

After that, Kazu shows up to ask if it went well and she says it does. Kazu says he was worried that he did something unnecessary, but she tells him that she’s grateful that he gave her a push. Akari sounds like she’s preparing for the next time she repeats her confession, too, as she says something about waiting until she can properly say it.

The scene cuts and goes back to Rio and Yuna being a bit awkward around each other. Rio asks why she isn’t taking to him since a while ago and, blushing, Yuna answers that she still feels like it doesn’t feel real, like it’s all a dream. Rio finds her cute and thinks he want to kiss her.

Then, Yuna says that she wants to do something with Rio but she finds it embarrassing to say. He thinks that she was also thinking of kissing, so he says it’s all right and draws near to her. But, of course, Yuna, being the adorable innocent one, is thinking of a different thing. She tells him that his face is too close. He backs away and wonders what it is she is thinking. Yuna holds out her hands for him to hold it.

Rio did and despite his other desire, he still finds himself happy. Yuna is flustered that they’re doing a boyfriend-girlfriend thing and thinks that that may be too much for her heart to take, so she thought of letting go.

Just then, Rio tells her something along her line of thought, even saying that he wishes to be like that forever to which she thought if her heart could bear even before that. And Yuna ends up hyperventilating so much she faints.


These two are just so adorable! I love them so much, especially Rio’s cute, dorky reactions. They are both so precious that I’m so excited to see how their relationship will go on.

Though I also love Akari and Kazu, I still prefer Rio and Yuna over them. Somehow, they remind me of Strobe Edge‘s Ninako and Ren, though Yuna is more innocent and loveable than Ninako and Ren is more mature than Rio (since he’s been in a relationship with an older woman for a long time). It’s just the 27th chapter, so if Sakisaka-sensei is planning for it to be around the same length as Strobe Edge and Ao Haru Ride, there’s bound to be some problems for Rio and Yuna. On the other hand, Akari and Kazu looks like they’ll take their time before they confess.

Oh well. Something new will start next chapter, so I’m really excited for it!


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