My Ships That Sank

Shipping is one of the things I love doing. No matter how subtle they may be, those moments that show the affection of a character for the other are enjoyable for me to watch. Even more so if it’s requited. There are times when I ship just for fun even if I know it’s never going to be canon (oh, you know, some pairs from some certain sports anime out there). However, there are also times when I really wished for a pairing to end up together. So badly it was that I got so disappointed by the ending of the series.

So, here I am listing down the pairings I liked but didn’t end up together canonically. These are the ones that I just couldn’t accept. (Because there are pairings that didn’t end up together in the end, but I didn’t mind because I thought it was good for them or because the possibility of them ending up together, even if not told in the actual story, still exists in my mind.)

Note that this post contains spoilers from Tokimeki Memorial ~ Only Love, Nagi no Asukara, Code Geass, Vampire Knight, True Tears, and Gakuen Alice.

Yayoi Mina x Aoba Riku (Tokimeki Memorial ~ Only Love)

Tokimeki Memorial ~ Only Love is an anime that I won’t recommend to anybody. Its story is filled with shoujo clichés. I just happen to watch this one when I was young and it’s somehow memorable to me because it’s the first ever anime harem series where the ship I supported didn’t become the endgame.

Hiradaira Chisaki x Sakishima Hikari/Isaki Kaname (Nagi no Asukara)

Nagi no Asukara features a love web with an uneven number of boys and girls (3 guys and 4 girls) and while Chisaki isn’t the girl who ended up alone and even if I accept her and Tsumugu, I would still like her for either Hikari or Kaname. I want her to end up with Hikari because I think their characters are interesting together. Chisaki’s maturity balances out that of Hikari’s immaturity/short-temperedness. More than that, though, I want her to be with Kaname because Kaname’s a nice guy who deserves to be with who he loves. (Though I’m glad someone nice waited for him, too.)

Sakishima Hikari x Shiodome Miuna (Nagi no Asukara)


Miuna developed a crush on Hikari while she was younger and it grew after the null. Actually it’s not that Hikari is a character that I particularly like, it’s just that I’d like Miuna to be happy. And for some reason, I’m not fond of Manaka and out of all I thought she was the one who’ll end up happy even alone.

Shirley Fenette x Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)


Shirley has feelings for Lelouch and Lelouch, being the intelligent person that he is, is aware of her feelings yet chose to ignore it. Her memories of him has been erased twice but both times she overcame those and was able to have her memories back. Her feelings for Lelouch came back, too. Even if he was accountable for her father’s death, she was able to forgive him and decided to support him. Her last moments had her confessing her love to him and it’s heartbreaking to see him using his Geass to order her to continue living.

Zero Kiryuu x Yuki Cross  (Vampire Knight)


I’ve always been a fan of childhood romances (when done well), In the anime, these two had to part as Yuki had to join the Night class. Apparently, in the manga, they didn’t end up happily, too, though they had a son. But I still can’t accept that!

Isurugi Noe x Nakagami Shinichiro (True Tears)


This is actually the reason why I started writing this post. I badly wanted for Noe to end up which Shinichiro, but she didn’t. For me, Noe is the most interesting character in the whole of the series. I thought she is the one who spiced things up. And though she was happy at the end, it is still dissatisfying to me that he chose Hiromi.

Imai Hotaru x Hyuuga Natsume/Nogi Ruka (Gakuen Alice)

As I already said in my post about this anime, I really liked Hotaru more than Mikan. I shipped Hotaru more to Natsume and Ruka than I did Mikan to the guys. The manga’s ending was just so terribly done because there are loose ends and horrible developments. So, it’s not really just one of these pairing didn’t end up being together that I didn’t like; it’s also the ending chapter (that last arc actually) that I didn’t like. Anyhow, I know Hotaru’s a bit mean to Ruka, but I think I can disregard that, thinking it’s just a teenager’s phase. (They’re 12!) On the other hand, I think Hotaru and Natsume could just have that sweet silent relationship where they mutually understand each other.

Shirley and Lelouch are the odds one out of these on the list because Lelouch didn’t choose another girl. But I still decided to put it here because I was really upset when that episode happened. Anyway, I hope Megumi x Soma won’t be added on this list. I think I’ll cry if Soma ends up with Erina. I don’t want any more of my OTPs added on this list, but then I know that not everything will go the way I like it.


5 thoughts on “My Ships That Sank

  1. Karandi says:

    Shirley dying was horrible and I just keep thinking how different Lelouch may have acted if he’d managed to save her having realised he actually did have feelings for her and that he wasn’t entirely removed from emotions.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Cat Nessa says:

    Rip Shirley, Lelouch was never meant for love :’)

    My ships will never happen, because I always end up shipping the boys (or girls) together and the shows are never gay so rip me 😹😹

    It’s always sad and disheartening when there’s a possibility and we ship only for it to get slum dunk into the can of Never Happening 💦

    Liked by 2 people

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