30-DAC | Day 9 | Best Anime Villain


Day 9 – Best Anime Villain

Ever since watching and reading Boku no Hero Academia, whenever I hear the words “hero” and “villains”, the ones I instantly remember are the characters in that series. I do think that they have a lot of well-written villains there, though the one I decided to put here as an answer related to the anime I answered as my favorite.

Father/Dwarf in the Flask (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

That Dwarf in the Flask was with Hohenheim, Ed’s father, when he was still a slave. He tricked him into releasing him. He was like a Pandora’s box that when opened, everything evil just came out in the form of homunculus. He became a living one which controlled all the other he sent to the world. He was able to kill millions of people just to create a philosopher’s stone. And he still desired for more!

So, he plotted some schemes so that there will be enough to create some more philosopher’s stones. He would kill just about anyone who’ll try to stop him. He’d go to great lengths, destroying people’s lives, just to get what he wants. Thus, the trials Ed and everyone on his side had to experience and to overcome just to stop and to kill him.

He said that he just wanted to know more about the world, but his methods are just cruel. It was satisfying to see the ending he got.

Honestly, I hate Shou Tucker with passion, so much more than I disliked the Dwarf in the Flask, but I don’t think he’s the best villain. But he’s well-written in a sense that most, if not all, of the fans hate him, too.


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