Chatterbox || Of the 30-DAC and whatnots

Hello, friends! I don’t even know who’ll read this, but I’ll still put this up anyway.

I’m so sad that I wasn’t able to complete that 30-DAC last September. I wasn’t able to finish writing everything. I queued some posts, but I wasn’t able to finish 11th onwards. Though I actually got to finish some of the posts for the later days. Anyhow, I’d still like to finish that challenge, but I’ll be posting 11th onwards for the month of January. Sucks that it’s 3 months after, but yeah. I don’t want to leave that hanging.

Anyway, I haven’t been visiting the site because I had to take care of important matters in real life. Didn’t have time to blog, but I was able to read some manga. Since it’s already Christmas break, I figure I’d do some blogging again and read some posts. (I prolly missed a lot of awesome ones!)

So, hello again! You’ll see some of my comments dropped by again sometime soon. Hohoho.


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