30-DAC | Day 12 | Saddest Anime Scene


Day 12 – Saddest Anime Scene

I don’t really watch many anime with melodrama tone in it. The saddest scenes I first thought of are deaths, but then there’s an entry about the saddest anime death on day 26, so I had to think of some others. Honestly, nothing comes to mind except this.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.25.48 PM

Truth hitting Ryuuichi hard (Gakuen Babysitters)

The anime just started, but this scene has been lingering on my mind because I talked to some about it. They said they felt so much for this scene because they could relate. Honestly, I’m not in the same situation as they are, but I still felt sad for Ryuuichi here. I cried while watching it and I remember crying when I read it, too. (Though I actually cried a lot of times while reading the manga.)

I may not have that close-knit relationship with my parents, I still love them so much and I don’t like thinking about the fact that they’re getting old and that someday, which I dearly hope is still far off the future, they will be gone. I remember having a bad dream about them dying and I cried a lot because of that.

The pain caused by something which you cannot have back is incomparable.


3 thoughts on “30-DAC | Day 12 | Saddest Anime Scene

  1. ospreyshire says:

    Interesting choice. Some of my favorite sad scenes involve the following…

    Grave of the Fireflies (the whole movie and not just the death scenes!)
    Reki’s backstory being revealed in Haibane Renmei
    Kimba’s speech about being tempted to get revenge on his father’s killer in Kimba the White Lion.
    The ending of The tale of the Princess Kaguya
    The paper sisters finding out their origins in R.O.D. The TV.
    Now and Then Here and There (the whole series)
    Hiroko being bullied in Shadow Star Narutaru

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