30-DAC | Day 13 | Character Most Similar To


Day 13 – Anime Character that You are Most Similar to

Honestly, this is difficult for me to answer because I don’t think there’s an anime character that I connected with in a deep level yet. Maybe I haven’t seen that anime with that anime character. I also think this one could be easily answered by people who are close to us. Anyway, this is who I think is one of the characters who has some similarities to me.


Shiomiya Shiori (The World God Only Knows)

She’s one of Keima’s harem. Shiori is the fourth girl he had to capture. So what do we have in common?

1 – Love for books

Like Shiori, I love books. I can stay in one room for days if you’ll give me food and a bunch of books to read. One of the nicest smells to me is the smell of a new book. Or that old book with yellowish pages. I’ve always been fascinated by words and how powerful and magical it is to be able to give us new experiences. Someday, I want to have a library in my own house.

2 – Slow

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 10.27.27 PM

Some friends tell me that I’m slow in particular aspects of life. Like when I’m getting food on the serving plate, when I’m doing chores, and some others. I’m also late when responding to some conversations because there are times when something goes on my mind first before I actually speak.

Do you know the four temperaments? Sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic, and choleric? Though I believe that we should all learn how to balance these four, there’s usually one or two that dominates. I’m more of a phlegmatic-melancholic, heavy on the phlegmatic side, so I’m usually… laid-back, I suppose? I usually want to do things at my own pace.

So yeah. Some say I’m slow. But I’m rather quick when taking a bath and walking. Oh, and apparently, I speak fast as well because a lot of my friends ask me to repeat what I just said.

3 – Talking to self

I frequently talk to myself, too. In my head and even out loud. Sometimes, some friends even get freaked out whenever I suddenly murmur by myself. However, it’s kinda embarrassing to find myself in that situation while walking in public.

4 – Trouble expressing self

I don’t have as much a problem as Shiori does when it comes to communication, but I’m still struggling with this. Whenever I face people, especially those who I respect a lot and those who I’m not yet close with, those who I’m intimidated with, I get tongue-tied. I frequently find it difficult to put my thoughts into words such that they will be coherent and cohesive. Thus, there’s lots of fillers and dead airs. It’s embarrassing!



But yeah, communication is important in building relationships. I’m at least glad that, unlike Shiori, I have a lot of friends. My uni also helps me gain more confidence to speak up and to assert myself. Though I still feel too lazy to do so most of the time. Sighs.



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