30-DAC | Day 14 | Anime That Never Gets Old


Day 14 – Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve Re-watched It

As I am someone who frequently re-watches shows, I think this is a bit difficult for me. You know, it sometimes frustrates me that I still have a lot on my plan-to-watch list yet I still tend to re-watch shows. Not that I’m really that regretful but I still think that I lose opportunities to expand my completed list with the way I’m doing things.

KaleidoStarGroupAnyway, one of those anime that will never get old for me is Kaleido Star. I talked about it on this post. I watched it around 2006, I think? I was only able to re-watch it again in 2014, though since then, I’ve already re-watched it a bunch of times. Not really everything, but certain scenes, mostly those which include the productions shown in the series.

Even if Kaleido Star isn’t really focused on the aspects of theatre, it is still one of the main reasons of it being close to my heart. Even if it’s different in the way I experienced it, they still mentioned some things regarding pre-productions. They still showed a bit of set designing. There are some parts of rehearsing. And the actual performances. Though there’s no mention of striking out the set and everything involving the post-production, I know that it’s still there. And just these things make my heart flutter.

I’m not that heavily involved in theatre as much as some of my friends, acquaintances, and upperclassmen from the uni are (who are theatre people even now that they’re graduates), but I love theatre and I cherish the times (no matter how exhausting that I also threw some complaints then) when I had to be part of some productions.

I actually can cite some personal reasons as to why Gin no Saji could be written here, but for now, it’s about this one.

Anyhow, aside from theatre, I actually also enjoyed seeing Sora overcome the trials she had to go through. The series is extremely positive and positivity is something that I need. Dedication, motivation to move forward, and actively pursuing something I set my eyes on is another, too. The ending might be a bit too unrealistic, but I still never fail to tear up seeing everyone’s achievements.

By the way, here’s its OP1 “Take it, Shake it” sang by sugar. One of the most nostalgic songs for me!


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