30-DAC | Day 21 | Favorite Goofy Character


Day 21 – Favorite Goofy Anime Character

There’s a lot of goofy characters that I love because I easily love such characters. Here’s one of them.

tumblr_o60b3qiqto1vql3umo2_500Yato (Noragami)

I LOVE THIS DORK SO MUCH! It’s just too difficult not to love him. I fell in love for him just from the intro when he was fighting an ayakashi, but I loved him so much when it turns out that he’s not just a cool character who can defeat an ayakashi. He has a lively, silly side, too. He is so adorable and amusing with all those different reactions we can see of him.

What’s great is that Yato isn’t just a silly character. He’s got an interesting and deep backstory. He is sensitive, serious, and passionate, especially for the things he does to be a recognizable god. He strives to achieve his goal and does his best every time. Yato is also someone who cherishes the people he loves and does everything to protect them.

Who wouldn’t love this guy?



2 thoughts on “30-DAC | Day 21 | Favorite Goofy Character

  1. ospreyshire says:

    That sounds like a fun character.

    I guess my favorite goofy anime character would be Taichi from Comic Party. He’s one of the biggest hardcore otaku characters around who makes these overdramatic speeches, pops out of nowhere, and wants dojinshi to be a form of world domination to expose people to the masses of manga.


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