30-DAC | Day 22 | Favorite Weapon/Gear/Armor


Day 22 – Favorite Weapon, Gear, or Armor Used In An Anime

I don’t think I watch many anime series with weapons, gears, or armors. If there is, I rarely get fond of the weapons, or I may be fond of them because they are actually other characters, too, like Soul, Yukine, and Reverie Metherlence. Anyhow, I managed to find a weapon (that isn’t a person) that I actually liked and got interested in.

Koganei Kaoru’s Kougan Anki (Recca no Honoo)

This weapon is owned by a 13-year old kid by the name Kaoru. It’s amazing that he is able to skilfully use this bladed weapon which has six forms. It’s as if it’s designed like that so that the wielder will not be bored. I like its designs and the gold color along with the red stones on it. I enjoyed watching Kaoru transforming it.

My favorite forms are the one with chains and the bow and arrow one.

Weapons are scary, so I don’t want to carry such things. Even the ones for self-protection make me anxious since I’m a clumsy person. I guess I’m really just better off admiring weapons from anime series.


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