30-DAC | Day 23 | Favorite Attack


Day 23 – Favorite Attack Someone Used In An Anime

Ugo-kun (Magi: The Kingdom of Magic)

The attack is at whatever point of the video above, but the internet is so slow right now, so I can’t pinpoint it. Anyway, it’s an attack made by Aladdin. I actually enjoyed watching this scene because of the attacks he and Titus have. Aladdin’s Har-har Infigar is also a favorite of mine, but Ugo-kun holds a special place because it’s also special for Aladdin. It’s named after his dear friend Ugo. Aladdin uses magic to manipulate sand in order to create a clay which looks like Ugo.

For some reason, I love watching exchanges of magic attacks. Though it’s most probably because of Harry Potter.


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