Fourteen Bishounen Characters Who Captured My Heart When I Was Younger

Ever since I was young, I was exposed to both shounen and shoujo anime series which have bishounen characters. As a young girl, I remember having a crush on a lot of them, wishing they were real and that I could marry them. Right now, the list of those male anime characters I love just keeps on growing, but I don’t even regret anything about it. (It’s somewhat crazy because a lot of them I claim as sons one time because of how precious and adorable they are and then as boyfriends/husbandos/baes another time still because of how precious and adorable they are.) Now, because it’s February 14th, I’d like to share 14 bishounen characters who I got a crush on when I was younger. Most of them I still love even now. This is in no particular order.


Li Syaoran (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Uhhuh. He’s the one on my entry for the Day 3 of the 30-Day Anime Challenge. He’s my favorite male character ever because he’s also my first anime crush. I remember desiring to have a Li Syaoran who will also make a bear for me. May it be for Yukito or for Sakura, he is so cute while blushing! It broke my heart to see the last episode of the anime, so I was glad to watch the second movie years later after learning how to navigate around the internet. Now, there’s even the Clear Card-hen!


Hanabishi Recca (Rekka no Honoo)

A ninja with flame dragons tattooed on his arms, calling the love of his life “Princess”? I guess it’d be weird for the little me if I wasn’t moved by that. Though he could be quite silly at times, he is passionate for the ones he loves and cares about.


Kurama (Yuu Yuu Hakusho)

With his beautiful red locks, him being able to look cool holding a red rose that turns into a whip, and him being able to turn (back) into a white-haired fox attracted me to him. I liked how calm and sensible he is. I wouldn’t mind him giving a rose like that to me. Hahaha!


Killua Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter)

The good-looking assassin who cares a lot about his dear friends is someone who got me fan girling over for years. I remember wanting to learn how to use the skateboard because of him! I love how he can be so cool one time and then a dork the other time, and he’s just so adorable! It makes my heart warm thinking how he loves his sister (or brother? Ugh, srsly, when will it be cleared what Alluka’s gender is?). I easily love characters who are fond of their siblings! (Liking and not liking characters with sis/bro-complex is another story.)


Saionji Kanata (Daa! Daa! Daa!)

This pumpkin-loving, popular son of a monk is able to take care of a baby! Even as a child, I loved babies, so guys who are able to take care of and to play with children have always been attractive to me. I remember arguing with my best friend about who can be his “wife” but we settled with it being me because I knew about the series first. Hahaha!


Fujima Kenji (Slam Dunk)

Fujima is the cool coach and captain of the Shoyo team. I didn’t fan girl over Rukawa or Mitsui or Sendou (okay, just a bit for him), but I vividly remember shrieking while watching their game with Shohoku. I remember cheering for Fujima, being so amazed of how intelligent and calm he is, being stunned by his fade-away which resulted to my booing Rukawa for doing the same move some time later, if I remember correctly.


Echizen Ryoma (The Prince of Tennis)

Yes, yes. Even if he’s such an arrogant brat, I really had a huge crush on him when I was watching The Prince of Tennis. Even if he can be frustratingly naive at times, I squealed at his cool serves and moves while playing. I loved hearing his signature line, “Mada mada dane”. I found it cute how he loves Ponta and Karupin!


Athrun Zala (Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny)

I was so biased on him that I remember hating Kira because he got to be with Lacus Clyne. But then I thought Cagalli is cooler and tougher so I was glad he fell for her. I just thought that he’s a much more powerful and cooler character than Kira or Shin. Honestly, though, I can barely remember anything about the series.


Nogi Ruka (Gakuen Alice)

Ruka is one of those blond-haired, blue-eyed bishies. He has an animal pheromone alice which allows him to tame even the wildest animals. Compared to his best friend Natsume, Ruka is easier to socialize with. He cares very much for his friends and is willing to do anything just for them. (Even wearing skirts. Hohoho!)


Matsuura Yuu (Marmalade Boy)

Yuu is a popular guy who is nice but can be playful, too. He loves Miki so much that even with the crazy things happening around them, he is still loyal to her. Who doesn’t want someone who’ll love you against all odds? (Btw, if I got Kanata, my best friend got Yuu for knowing Marmalade Boy first.)



Sagara Sousuke (Fullmetal Panic)

To be honest, I barely remember anything about the series, but I do remember Sousuke calling Chidori some kind of endearment. I also remember him being funny for his lack of common sense. But he’s passionate, too. He’s someone who can protect the people he loves as he’s raised for combat.


Tasuki (Fushigi Yuugi)

Ahh, I really liked this guy. Even if he has the tendency to fuss about a lot of things, he’s still also kind and funny. He is loyal to his priestess and is willing to go lengths just to save her. He cares deeply for his friends, too! (Chiriko and Nuriko!) I remember loving drawing his chibi face with small fangs.


Sasame (Shin Shirayukihime Densetsu Prétear)

One of the series from childhood that I think I want to re-watch because I forgot most of its plot. But I remember liking him so much that it broke my heart seeing what happened to him eventually. If I remember correctly, I liked him because he was nice to Himeno first as compared to Hayate who was mean initially.


Yuuki Setsu (Mirumo de Pon!)

Setsu, or Dylan as I initially knew him, is the human partner of Rima. He’s popular and intelligent. He’s also calm, nice, and cool. He wants to be a novelist and is always seen reading books. I think he’s someone I’d get along with because of books.

I’d throw Enzan (RockMan.Exe), Max (Beyblade), Drew (Pokémon), and Yamato (Digimon) here, too, but I decided to put the 14 above.

Do you like any of these guys, too? Or are your tastes different from mine? Or who are the bishoujo characters you liked when younger or still starting to get into anime? I’d love to hear about them from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you awesome people!


7 thoughts on “Fourteen Bishounen Characters Who Captured My Heart When I Was Younger

    • ameithyst says:

      I remember that he is! Somehow, your comment made me want to re-watch it so that I can fully remember what happens in the series. I only remember loving Sagara, shipping him with Kaname, and hating Testarossa. lol

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Kurumi Shim says:

    Tasuki has been always one of my favorite anime guys. Besides Tamahome and Hotohori, I think Tasuki makes a good romantic relationship with Miaka. He cares a lot for her. I still remember one of my favorite TasukiXMiaka moment when Miaka was drowned and Tasuki saved her with a resuscitation. That was a shocking event.

    Thank you for sharing this post. I think we’ve crossed the same generation because I used to like these legendary characters. Kurama, Ryoma, Sousuke and Athrun were some of my favorites during those older times.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ameithyst says:

      That’s so true! And aww. You make me want to re-watch everything just for Tasuki! He’s a really loveable guy. Or at least for me, because I tend to easily like that type of character.

      Ohh… then I guess our ages aren’t too far apart. High five! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

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