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Still have a Valentines’ hangover? Well, I’m glad for you if yes. If not, then, let’s just look forward to the following days! As for me, I’ll just make the most out of hanging out with friends because our university is holding an annual February fair for this week and it’s almost over! Anyhow, I compiled some songs from some romance series or shows I’ve seen for some feels.

Torisetsu – Nishino Kana

Torisetsu is from Nishino Kana‘s 27th single, “Torisetsu ~ Instruction Manual”. It is the theme song for the 2015 live action film of Kouda Momoka‘s shoujo manga series entitled, “Heroine Shikkaku“.

I think the lyrics are adorable. It’s from the girl’s POV telling about her “instruction manual”, about the things she may do or feel while in the relationship, about some of what she’d like (a short and poorly written letter would be her greatest happiness!). It’s all about the girl asking the guy to get along with her. I believe it’s important for couples to properly and clearly communicate their feelings to each other or they will be entangled with frustrating problems later on.

Yume no Tsubasa – Makino Yui & Irino Miyu

This Yume no Tsubasa (Wings of Dreams) version is the ending song for Tsubasa Chronicle‘s 3rd drama CD. I love that anime’s OST, but this one is my favorite. There’s a Sakura version which is part of the OST of the series, but upon discovering this one, I decided I prefer this since seiyuu of the leads are singing together.

This song speaks of how even with all the changes that happen around them, the person still wants to stay by the other’s side, even wanting to remember the sad things. With the ups and downs of life, having someone by your side (may that be a family member, a friend, or a lover) no matter what happens is always great!

Chiisana Koi no Uta – Mongol800

Literally “Song of Small Love”, this song is the theme song for the 2007 Japanese drama series Proposal Daisakusen (Operation Proposal). It’s actually quite a popular song. It’s also the song that Ninako and Ren (from Sakisaka Io‘s manga Strobe Edge) was listening to in a chapter, though the live action didn’t use it, possibly because of copyright laws, I guess?

This song is actually bittersweet because the person is speaking about the intense love he has for another who already have someone else important to her. Unrequited feelings are sad, but I still admire those who choose to cherish the feelings they have despite the other person not reciprocating it.

Eternal Love – Michael Learns to Rock

I actually grew up listening to the songs my father listens to. Some of those are actually Paint My Love, That’s Why, 25 Minutes, and Sleeping Child, so MLTR isn’t really new to me. I was so surprised to know that they have this song, Eternal Love, as part of Healer‘s OST!

I won’t provide a summary of what it’s about since it’s in English. I’m just encouraging you to listen to it and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

我多喜欢你,你会知道 (You’ll Know Just How Much I Like You) – A Love So Beautiful OST

I can’t find the name of the singer of this song. Anyway, I really love this song because I really liked the drama despite the cliché story. (It’s about a girl who likes her childhood friend and is frequently doing things to make him notice her. The guy is the popular and intelligent guy who isn’t really sociable. I love the littlest details that proves she actually doesn’t need to do those antics of hers!) The leads are adorable and I enjoyed watching the developments of their relationship.

The song is basically about the person enumerating the mundane things she loves about the other person. I think it’s always sweet when the things the person likes of another are those simplest, ordinary parts of the other.

Oh Baby I – Mike D. Angelo ft. Sushar Manaying

This song is the theme song for the first Thai drama series I watched — Full House, the Thai adaptation of the popular Korean drama starring Rain and Song Hye-Kyo. I enjoyed this version more than the original, though. Mike and Sushar (Or Mike and Aom as they are named in the drama) are the leads in that drama adaptation and I enjoyed watching them because of their chemistry!

The song is about a confession of feelings of falling in love, of wanting the other person to stay and to be with him forever.


Go Google It – Megurine Luka and Kamui Gakupo

Back then, I had a time when I followed the Vocaloid songs being released. My favorite is the Synchronicity songs of Kagamine Len and Rin. (I loved anything of those two! It’s sad that they’re always sad stories.) I also liked some of Luka’s songs (I memorized Just Be Friends!) and I shipped her with Gakupo so badly, too. This one is an amusing song of theirs with Gakupo asking Luka questions and Luka’s being a tsundere, refusing to answer him so she tells him to go Google the answers.

I hope you liked at least one of these! Thanks for reading!


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