Up-To-Date: Haikyuu 292

Somehow, with the latest chapter being so beautiful, I’m getting an ominous feeling. I feel like we’re being treated with so much good stuff in exchange for a lot of possible heartaches in the coming future! But for now, I’ll just enjoy what we get by looking at the chapter again.

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Chapter 292, which MS translated as “A Night, Once Passed, Never Comes Back”, starts with Bokuto spiking a ball to their opponent’s court, securing their win of their game against  Morikawa, with the score of 28-26 and 25-21. Look just how happy these precious owls are!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 5.54.19 PM

Aww, he’s sweating so much! お疲れ様でした~

Bokuto focusing only on their own match is just so in line with his character, what with his tendencies to be too self-absorbed (but it’s still amusing how he’s actually aware of his mood swings episodes).

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 5.54.38 PM

Sometimes, I think in the same line as Akaashi regarding certain matters.

Then we get the ever-so-loveable Akaashi! He is always looking out for their energetic ace and knows best how to deal whenever Bokuto is dejected. Of course, he’d love to have Bokuto perform at his best. But it’s amusing to see him condition himself to be “cool and detached”. My fingers are crossed to see a backstory of these two!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 5.55.03 PM

And day 2 is finally over! Karasuno, Nekoma, Fukurodani, Niiyama, Itachiyama, and Kiryuu’s team are confirmed to be in the best 16. I’m quite sure that Hoshiumi’s team, Kamomedai, is included, too. I’m interested to see what more of Niiyama will we know. With them being in the panel above, I think they will play quite an important role some of these days? If not for the team, at least for Tanaka’s development because of Kanoka? I don’t know. But I’m just so hyped to see more of them!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 5.55.34 PM

Then we get these two. They are Okuda Genta and Takanashi Hiromi, they are the adorable couple who were watching the games. They’re currently in their second year of high school and used to be volleyball players. It’s really amusing to see spectators who were initially belittling the team eventually cheering for them.

So they then talked about Karasuno’s next game with Nekoma. They only know about Lev’s existence in the team, referring to him as “the foreign player they pulled to strengthen the team”. As Nekoma experienced a decline like Karasuno, they are also unknown to most people. Takanashi says that they look like a boring team. Well, Nekoma doesn’t really do flashy plays. They have no freak duo like Kageyama and Hinata or attention-grabbing aces like Bokuto and Ushijima, so I understand why some may think that they are boring.

But they couldn’t be more wrong. I bet that the Battle at the Garbage Dump is going to be one of the most interesting and intense game there could be! So, yes, Takanashi better remember those words!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 5.57.07 PM

I really thought they were seriously watching a show about anteaters.

Over at Karasuno, they are all in front of the television, apparently waiting for the news program to be on. As we already know, they love watching the news with them on it. (Well, who wouldn’t be excited? It’s about the Nationals!) It’s so amusing to see their reactions to the commentaries of the news anchor.

Much like when they were featured on the Miyagi Sports for winning against Seijoh, they are also not painted with much positive comments as compared to their opponents. Inarizaki’s Miya twins are said to overwhelm the team (though it’s true, too) and have affected Tanaka that he had trouble performing at his best. They also mentioned Tsukki’s inability to stop Suna from pulling off quick attacks.

In any case, at least this time, more of the team are shown. Even Kiyoko is shown on TV! And Suga’s face is really funny. The team looks like they are having so much fun.

See how beautiful these panels are?? They are so beautiful I can cry. Please don’t turn those smiles upside down after their game against Nekoma, Furudate-sensei.


The scene shifts to Fukurodani who also watched the news. It seems like Bokuto repeatedly watches news with him on it. That’s just so Bokuto. Hahaha!

Then, Bokuto goes on to reflect on how this is his last year of high school. (I keep forgetting that Akaashi is just in his 2nd year!) Nationals is going to be the last chance he has to play with his teammates on official games. For high school anyway. He’s hooked on volleyball, so he’s not going to stop. Much like Oikawa and Ushijima and many others, he’s going to continue playing. Though it will not be the same again because his teammates will be different.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.07.38 PM

Love that expression of Akaashi!

Of course, Akaashi reminds him that there’s still round 3, quarterfinals, semifinals, and the finals, to which Bokuto agrees and says that they’re going to win them all.

I’m not complaining because I also love this team, but their inclusion in this chapter, one that is to be a preparation for the Nekoma-Karasuno game, seems like a preparation for us. Like, it’s their turn to have a match against them soon, so we better get ready. I won’t really be surprised if they actually became the champions this time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.12.32 PM

Then the scene shifts to our Karasuno third years. I love how they were reflecting on the plays of their underclassmen.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.12.10 PM

LOL @ that heart

First is Kageyama who’s always amazing. And true, he’s getting more and more amazing! And I’d like to see Kageyama’s expression if someone will ask for his autograph!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.12.49 PM

Ahh, I really love no matter how many times Tanaka struggled and failed during the game, they still know about how much Tanaka was essential for the game. Certainly looking forward to more of those cross and straight spikes!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.13.03 PM

While Tsukki didn’t manage to stuff Suna’s attacks, he still got to help receiving the balls better through restricting the course of the ball. Read blocking may only have 75% success rate (as he said during their game against Shiratorizawa), it still has the last laugh (as said by Kuroo!).

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.13.22 PM

Of course, Hinata’s receives are notable! It’s a much more delightful feeling to have people acknowledge his receives because it’s proof of how much development he has!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.13.35 PM

In the end, they noted that they don’t want to lose to the younger ones. I like how competitive they still are! The healthy competition within the team is still ongoing and it’s exciting to wait to see how they will work even more to improve.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.14.06 PM

Then we get to see them taking their baths. First is Kiyoko and Yachi talking about a skin care product. Body wash, I guess? I love how Yachi goes on to say that tomorrow, she will watch and imitate how Kiyoko bathes. It sounds like she knows that they will go back there, leisurely taking a bath, as the team wins again.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.14.36 PM

On the boys’ room, Hinata is still full of energy because he still wants to play another match that time. As always, Tsukki has something to say.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.14.47 PM


I love how Furudate-sensei made that panel to smoothly transition to Nekoma.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.12.13 PM

So, they are also watching sports news. So cute.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.12.41 PM

LOL @ Kuroo’s priorities

People didn’t think Seijoh would lose to Karasuno. The regular at Nationals, Shiratorizawa, lost to them, too. Inarizaki is this year’s runner-up for Inter-high. They are the second seed for this Spring High tournament! Of course, people would have high expectations of them. Nekoma, on the other hand, is one of the representatives of Tokyo. They lost to Fukurodani and had to win against Nohebi to be able to enter Nationals. They didn’t have much noticeable games.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.12.56 PM

It’s interesting to think about, actually. What could really happen had Nekoma be the ones to play against Shiratorizawa and Inarizaki? How would they fare? For me, I think they also have a huge chance to win against those two teams.

Nekoma has Yaku who’s a high-caliber libero on par with Nishinoya. I believe that he’s also capable of receiving Ushijima’s spikes. Even if he will have trouble initially, I believe he’ll get used to it, too, just as how Noya did it. Kuroo’s also better blocker than Tsukki, as he’s the one who taught Tsukki techniques, so he can block Ushijima, too. As for scoring, I think Kuroo, Kai, and Taketora are capable of delivering good spikes. Kenma may be able to think of a counter to Tendou’s guess blocking, too.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.13.18 PM

Fukunaga, you’re so adorable!

For Inarizaki, I think Yaku will also be able to receive Atsumu’s serves, even the jump floaters. Kuroo looks like he’s got more skills to stop Suna, too. They may have more trouble here but I believe they can have a good game with them.

I love how these two boys got their close-up panels. It’s the much-awaited game between their teams. It’s to determine which is the better team. Hinata thinks that it doesn’t matter to Kenma if they will lose. I actually think that this is the game that will make Kenma do everything he can to win, the game that will cause him to feel more emotions regarding the game. I’d like them to lose just to see Kenma crying while frustrated. But I also don’t want them to lose.

On the other hand, Hinata is determined to defeat Kenma. It has been his goal to play in  an official game against Kenma which will result to Kenma feeling either happiness or frustration, not just a “normal” or detached feeling.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.15.50 PM

The cheering squad of both teams! Saeko, Shimada, and Takinoue and Arisa and Akane! I’m excited to see both sides cheering for their teams! I love how Saeko and Akane had a separate panel. Note that they’re sisters of Taketora and Tanaka who are good friends. I wonder if these two will also be able to be good friends? And I actually want to know how Arisa would interact with Hinata as Lev has a good relationship with him.

Then, we get a variety of panels of each players. I love how the third years of both teams are still together. It’s so cute that Noya and Kageyama are both peacefully sleeping already! Kenma’s still playing his games. I don’t know what Tsukki’s looking at his phone but that’s me every night. Hahaha! And Lev’s just about to go to the hot spring. Fukunaga is probably flipping through channels to look for funny shows. Tanaka’s amusingly concentrating while Taketora’s fixing his hair. Hinata, oh you excited boy, I hope he gets a proper sleep!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.17.09 PM


Oh, and I’m also excited to see who the spectators will be! Grandpa Ukai, if he’s already released from the hospital, is most likely going to be there. I hope Genta and Hiromi appears again, too. And Fukurodani and Inarizaki guys, too. And a whole bunch of other rival schools.

I’ve been wondering if we’ll be able to see the Little Giant, too. Even in his time, Karasuno wasn’t able to play Nekoma in an official game. I wonder if we’ll see him? Though that may be too sudden, so this may be just me wishing desperately for his introduction.

Anyhow, I’M SO READY, CHAPTER 293!



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    Also Kuroo’s analysis of rock paper scissors makes a lot of sense….

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