Status: Looking Forward to These This Spring 2018

Winter 2018 ended and I still haven’t finished the ones I started. There are some I haven’t even started yet. But I am not really that dedicated of a seasonal viewer in the first place. So, those which I wasn’t able to watch last season, I may only be able to watch this spring, or the next, or next year. However, I’d still like to remind myself of the ones I’m planning to watch, so here are the titles I’m looking forward to see this Spring 2018!


Boku no Hero Academia S3

This is a given. I’ve been a fan of the series since I was able to watch it. I’ve been reading the manga, too. This third season will cover two of my most beloved arcs so far — the School Trip and Hideout Raid arcs! As the number of episodes is 25, I’m guessing it will also cover the Hero License Exam arc which is exciting, too!

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

I’ve been a fan of the manga for a long time now, so this is definitely on my list. Wotakoi is once of those enjoyable rom-com (it’s leaning more on the comedy side, actually) about working people.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

I’m always open to check rom-com series. This one seems like it’ll have multiple couples much like Tsurezure Children and Nijiiro Days, so I’ll check it out, too.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl

I actually got to read the manga, though I haven’t finished it yet. I somehow enjoyed it so I’m checking it out to see how they’ll adapt it. I’m also hoping that they’ll see through it to the end since the manga has long been completed. It’s amusing how this and Wotakoi features otaku people, too! Anyhow, I’m kind of sad because I liked how the art of the manga somehow looks a bit different from the other shoujo series. From the PV, it looks more generic. Or maybe it’s just me.

Dorei-ku: The Animation

I think it’s interesting to see how they will present power plays here. I hope it’s going to be well-written.

Major 2nd

Ahh, I watched Major (and talked about it here) and I’m going to check this out because there are some people who say that Goro’s son is actually more likeable. I’d like to see that. And there’s also Toshiya’s son. And the possibility of seeing Toshiya himself. So yep. I’m checking this out.

Of course, I’ll continue to watch Detective Conan, Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card, and Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan S2, too, this season.



Yake ni Ben no Tatsu Bengoshi ga Gakkou de Hoeru

One reason to watch: Kamiki Ryunosuke. A lawyer. After being a police detective in Keiji Yugami. I sure won’t like to miss this! Somehow, the thought that he’s going to be a school lawyer is even more exciting for me! And please give him a loveline.


Hanbun, Aoi

This is an asadora (morning drama; 156 15-minute episodes). Though I haven’t finished the other asadora shows on my list yet. Definitely going to watch this because of Nagano Mei and Sato Takeru! The plot sounds interesting, too, as it’s about a girl who tries to pursue her dream yet ends up facing situations which hinder her from achieving it. Then, she returns home with a child in tow. Apparently, that will become a turning point of her life. I’d love to know what’ll happen!

Miss Sherlock

I love Sherlock Holmes and I’m definitely not going to let myself miss this one! I wonder how they will bring about this re-imagined series. Takeuchi Yuko is a good actress for me and I hope she will be able to deliver a good female Sherlock. Kanjiya Shihori acted fine in the shows I’ve seen with her on it and I hope she’ll be a good female Watson, too!

SPEC ~ SICK’S Jonosho ~ Naikaku Johou Chousashitsu Tokumu Jikou Senjuu-gakari Jikenbo

Keizoku 2: SPEC is one of my top favorite series. Even if this one won’t have the same casts except for the chief, I’d like to see how they will continue the story. This is going to be the first time I’m seeing Matsuda Shota after a long time and I’m excited to see how he improved! I’m not a fan of Kimura Fumino, so I think I’ll be frustrated with her, but I like Kuroshima Yuina, so I hope she’ll have more exposure. The first episode is up on Paravi’s YT channel, so I’ll probably check it out later.

Signal ~ Chouki Mikaiketsu Jiken Sousahan

This is a Japanese remake of a popular Korean drama of the same name. Honestly, it’s been on my list since it was airing, but I never got around to watching it. Now, it’s my chance to know the story in just around 10 episodes! I’ll most likely watch this one first before the Korean one as that one will definitely have more details (and I have more expectations from it). Anyway, this is about a man who had a friend kidnapped and murdered when they were young. Fifteen years has passed since then and the statute of limitations is nearing, so he’s determined to catch the culprit. A mysterious person contacts him through a supposedly broken walkie-talkie. And that person’s apparently from the past. I’m curious on how the story will go. And I’d love to see Sakaguchi Kentaro in such a role so this is definitely on my list!

Hana Nochi Hare ~ Hanadan Next Season

Hana Yori Dango was a guilty pleasure for me until I re-watched it early this year after the announcement of this series came. Anyway, the two series are unrelated as this took place years after the existence of F4. The new group is now called C5 (yes, LOL). The female protagonist isn’t originally poor like HanaDan’s Makino and she even has a fiancé who’s her childhood friend that studies at the rival school. And, of course, we’ll get this popular guy from the same school as hers who will fall in love with her. I can already think of cliché scenarios, but I’ll still watch this mainly for Sugisaki Hana. I adore that actress and I’m excited to see her in such a role. (I think it’s her first time playing such a character?) Also, Nakagawa Taishi is here. Hohoho!

There are some more dramas on my J-drama list but the ones above are the series I’m really crossing my fingers to have English subs. If not, I’ll watch them raw, though I think the only one I’ll be able to understand decently is HanaHare mainly because of its nature. In any case, bracing myself for this!


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