Shugo Chara!’s Amu and Ikuto

Some days ago, I opened my Crunchyroll account again after about seven years (I think?). Our internet connection was worse then than now so I wasn’t able to stream many anime series there. There’s the licensing issue, too. Anyhow, I discovered that the last episode I was able to watch there was Shugo Chara!‘s episode 24. I wasn’t even able to finish the whole episode. Just around 15 minutes. I’m not sure if my not finishing it is because it’s because the internet connection acted up or I had something to do or I lost interest.

I finished watching it the other day despite not understanding whatever is happening, though. I remember liking Miki (the blue guardian character) a lot because she’s color blue and her specialty is arts. I also remember shipping Utau x Kukai, but I can’t remember if they had any interactions prior to episode 24 or if I just liked them because of the various AMVs I watched on YT. A lot of the Kutau AMVs that I liked most likely got taken down by YT because I can’t find them anymore. (Aaahh, so sad!)

I remember that I particularly liked this one, though:

It’s an Amu x Ikuto AMV. I liked them but not as much as Kutau. But I got to draw them more before, thus, the fan arts I have for today. Those are drawn 8 years ago (I think?). Poor me had no sketchpads. (BUT WHY DIDN’T YOU USE BOND PAPERS INSTEAD, ME FROM 8 YRS AGO?)

I wonder if I should re-watch the series. But I’m afraid that I won’t enjoy it as much as I did before!

Oh well… my mood will dictate my decision anyway so we’ll see. Hahaha!


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