Mei’s List | Seven OTPs from Younger Years

It’s that time again of the year when there’s a lot of red, a lot of hearts and letters and stuffed toys, and a lot of couples being more vocal to each other. Last year, I made a list of 14 bishounen characters that I fangirled over when I was younger and some of my ships that sank. This time, for some time of the month, I want to share different lists of ships. Since 14 is too much, I decided to cut it to half.

To start, I decided to share seven ships I had when I was young. (In no way these are just it. I’ve a lot more!) Even at a young age I already enjoyed romance and my having a best friend who’s ready to spaz with me made it more enjoyable. Now, without further ado, here’s my list in no particular order.

That’s not the Helia that I knew. (Looks-wise, at least.)

Flora x Helia (Winx Club)

Yep, I watched that show. Cringes. I’m one of those kids who was fascinated with such a show. (Oh, I didn’t say this will purely be anime/manga pairings, so adding them here.) Flora happened to be my favorite Winx back then, so I remember being sad that she was feeling left out because everybody hooked up with somebody. (Yeah, my 8-year old self thought everyone just have to pair up.) Boy, was I happy when Helia appeared! It took them quite some time to be together, though. But I only got to watch until a little more time after they became a couple because I lost interest, what with all the power-ups.

I actually don’t remember much, but this shot is cute.

May x Ash Ketchum (Pokémon)

AdvanceShipping, yes. I liked Misty, too, but I prefer May. I also enjoyed watching Hoenn League and Battle Frontier sagas more than the others, too. (Actually, I liked the series from the start till Battle Frontier.) Honestly, I also support the ContestShipping (May x Drew), but I like this just a tad bit more. Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea was my favorite Pokémon movie because they have lots of interactions there (aside from Manaphy being so adorable).

I didn’t think I’d see them grow till tri. happened!

Takenouchi Sora x Ishida Yamato (Digimon)

Aside from the very adorable T.K. x Kari ship, I remember loving these two so much! I actually accept Sora x Taichi, but I prefer this couple better. I actually don’t remember much about Digimon now, but someday I’ll re-visit it and fall for these cuties again.

Daidouji Tomoyo x Hiiragizawa Eriol (Cardcaptor Sakura)

I don’t know how to explain myself. Hahaha! This is an unlikely couple, but I found them cute together because they’re both smart. They’re sensitive of what’s happening and often knows what to say and do.

… that’s definitely one-sided there.

Minamoto Shizuka x Dekisugi Hidetoshi (Doraemon)

Once upon I time, I enjoyed watching Doraemon as much as I enjoyed watching Spongebob Squarepants. Though I found Nobita amusing, I liked Dekisugi more because he’s generally a nicer and more responsible kid. Knowing a bit of Japanese now, Dekisugi’s surname is actually amusing as it means “too good”. Hahaha!

IMO, they really look good together.

Temari x Nara Shikamaru (Naruto)

I think out of all the ships that became canon by the end of the series, this is one that we clearly saw from a mile away. Since that arc when they teamed up together to defeat some guy when they were chuunin(?), I thought they already looked good together. Glad to know that they did end up together and had a child!

The “date” OVA I never thought I’d see animated…

Ryuzaki Sakuno x Echizen Ryoma (Prince of Tennis)

I don’t mind that there’s no romance in the sports anime I watch, though I have to admit that if I can’t help it, I’ll have at least one ship. I found RyoSaku cute, what with Sakuno giving her tennis balls with drawings and him giving her tennis lessons. When I got into manga in high school, it frustrated me that the anime!Sakuno is different from manga!Sakuno. Sakuno has lots of haters because of how she was portrayed in the anime and I feel bad. It’s a comfort that I think Konomi-sensei ships them, since he has some sketches of these two.

These are the seven ships I had when I was younger. Some of them I still support even now. A lot of times, I find it fun to put meaning in what I know could be nothing but merely simple exchanges or touches. I don’t know. It’s one of my ways to enjoy my anime list. Hahaha!


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