Feb Couple | TodoMomo

I messed up a lot doing the sketch of this one, but I’m too lazy to re-do it, so I just colored it. Anyway, for this week, I did this.

Todoroki Shouto x Yaoyorozu Momo (Boku no Hero Academia)

I think I started shipping them since the Sports Festival arc when they are in the same team for the cavalry battle. From then on, I started taking notice of them. Their interactions, places in frames/panels, Horikoshi Kohei-sensei’s illustrations, everywhere. It was such a great delight for me as a TodoMomo shipper when they got to be partners for the Finals Exam arc!

BNHA is admittedly a shounen series who doesn’t really have romance in it, but I love how Horikoshi-sensei seems to be dropping subtle hints. Or teasers for shippers of certain couples. (IzuOcha is the most blatant, actually.) I mean, he has lots of panels and illustrations when these two are next to each other. There are also times when he makes either of them give observations/facts about the other to the other students.

Making these two have the same/similar-looking sweaters (yes, the sweaters on this fan art is based on one of their clothes which both of them wore at the same time once[?]) isn’t making it easier for me to not hope that someday they’ll be canon. Why, even Naruto and Fairy Tail have canon ships by the end so this isn’t so much of a stretch I believe!

Oh, and I just absolutely love the fact that Kaji Yuki, Todoroki’s seiyuu, loves Yaomomo so much! He’s so ready to fight for her! Hahaha!


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