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Compared the the previous songs I shared in this segment of my blog, this song is fairly new. It’s sang by Little Glee Monster and got released as part of their album Juice in 2018. For us anime fans, it can be heard as the first ending theme for Boku no Hero Academia S2.

I’ve been a fan of Little Glee Monster ever since I discovered them, thanks to  Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu!, a 2015 drama series which has their song Suki-da as theme song. (That’s a cute song with a nice MV, too! I love the acoustic part! The switch never fails to give me the chills.)

Dakara Hitori Ja Nai (lit. “So you’re not alone”) is a catchy, upbeat song. When I was watching BNHA, I made sure to finish till the end because I loved it so much. (Plus, the 1-A girls are featured in it! I love their friendship so much!) The lyrics is good, too! (All of LGM’s songs are!) It speaks about struggling, but still trying and pursuing, together with the person/people around you.

Since it’s February, this reminded me of that one period of time back in my early university days. I had a theatre-related class and our final output was a theatre production. It was only an appreciative class, so we got to choose what work we were interested in while the acting roles were given to those who had acting class. Stage management is out of the question for me, because from what we learned, I believe I wouldn’t like being stressed by the work. I don’t like dealing with money or being one to lead on thinking on how to raise money, so I dodged the production management. Costume and makeup didn’t attract me because I have no talent in sewing and design. I wasn’t interested in doing makeup back then, too! For some reason, I also dismissed the thought of being a technical staff.

Back then, I got interested in the word “dramaturg”, so I chose it. I ended up being the only one who chose it. Each work got their own “mentors” from the higher theatre classes, so it was only my mentor and I. Good thing she’s a nice, supportive person.

Dramaturgy, as Merriam-Webster says, is “the art or technique of dramatic composition and theatrical representation”. It’s a work involved in the creative team of a production. As the play we were making was already done in the pre-production, my mentor just taught me all the things she had to do. She made me research and write a lot. When I was done or whenever I can’t, I helped my classmates with what they had to do. I ended up experiencing almost all the work. I helped my friends in technicals to make some hand-made lamps operate. I helped buy various stuff for the stage design. Our class had a fund-raising activity for the class, too — selling food. (I consumed a lot of them, too, though.) So, that’s a marketing work. I may not have wrote letters for professors, instructors, and organizations as part of audience development staff, but I was assigned as an usherette since I didn’t have backstage work during the play itself.

That one core subject became somewhat like a major subject because of the amount of time we spent on it. Theatre production is a seriously time-consuming activity, you see. Anyway, we spent three months to prepare that play. (Late February was the month of the play dates, so I’m still being nostalgic here like my other NP posts.)

In the beginning, I felt alone because I was the only dramaturg. As I got involved with others, offering a hand while they also cheered for me as I did my researches, I realized that I wasn’t really alone then. My classmates and I all struggled and endured so much stress because of the amount of work for that subject.

By the end of the last performance, during the curtain call, I was surprised when my mentor held my hands before we were called. She was so nervous. It made me glad to be of support to her for the last time then. Hand-in-hand, after more than three months of preparation, we closed the performance with a mixture of smiles and tears in our faces because we knew we made it to the end. All of our 6 performances were full house, no one got injured, and we all passed that subject! (Okay, not all. Save for that insufferable guy who made the marketing team struggle because of his absences and lack of coordination.)

Struggles are sadly part of life, but we can always remember that we’re not alone in this. We can support one another as we pursue the goals we set our eyes upon. It’s always nice to be reminded of this, so I frequently play Dakara Hitori Ja Nai on YT and iTunes (it’s one of the first few songs I bought digitally!) whenever I feel like listening to music. It never fails to give energy!

Okay, this post ended up completely different from what I had in mind. It was supposed to be related more on BNHA but it became more of an anecdote of myself. Oh well. Shrugs.


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