Feb Couple | AkaneKotarou

Azumi Kotarou x Mizuno Akane (Tsuki ga Kirei)

I got to watch Tsuki ga Kirei a season after it was aired (so around Summer 2017). It was such a fluffy romance series. At first, I actually didn’t think I’d enjoy it, mostly because of the age of the characters. I thought it’s going to be too melodramatic or cheesy or something. I liked it for its simplicity. I love the way the story progressed, too, especially the part about Kotarou’s choice of high school to attend to. I love how Mirai E played on a specific part of episode 11. It’s just so fitting and touching.

I don’t think Kiroro has an official MV for Mirai e, but here’s one from high_note Music Lounge who makes covers.

Anyhow, I liked how it ended. Thinking about them now, they remind me of my cousin and his girlfriend-turned-wife who got married last December. They dated since high school days and married only when they’re both 30 years old. (Uhhuh. Relationship goals for me. If only I have desire to date. lol) Unlike Akane and Kotarou, though, they started as friends who frequently hang out with their other friends before they developed feelings for each other.

Ahh, I babbled on about something else entirely. Anyway, this is my fan art of the week. I enjoyed sketching them (though they didn’t end up looking as much like the actual characters) using the graphic tablet my cousin lent me. Now I really want to have one. Ugh.


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