Aoba x Kou

Tsukishima Aoba x Kitamura Kou (Cross Game)

This one became a tiny picture because I messed up the dimension. I drew these small characters on a large canvas while it was zoomed in and I cropped it. bangs head on desk

I forgot that February’s last day is Thursday so I still drew a couple for this segment. Not that it’s really a big deal since I’ve posted fan arts of couples before, too.

Anyhow, I just want to say that I love these two so much. I love how both of them are competitive, reliable, and strong. I love how they’re both idiots at times. I love how they’re so passionate for baseball. I love how they know each other a lot. I love their trust and respect for each other. I love how they fell in love with each other so gradually, smoothly, naturally that you may wonder just when it all started. I just… love them so much. I want more of them!!!


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