Mei’s List | Five Favorite Female Characters

It was the International Women’s Day yesterday, so now I want to talk about some of my favorite female characters from some anime series I watched. This is in no particular order.

Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)

I started reading AkaYona because of recommendations that say she’s a strong and wonderful character like Shirayuki. I was shocked to see a spoiled brat at the beginning and I wondered what people liked about her! Then, as she starts her journey, I eventually easily adored her because of her determination to learn various skills and knowledge and to protect the people and the country that she loved. It is a delight to read/watch the beginning of AkaYona then the last episode of the anime or the current chapter of the manga (172 so far and Yona’s such a badass queen[nope, not literally]!) because the development of her character is evident. Now, there’s no more trace of that sheltered princess who just mostly cared about her curly red hair, how she looked before the man she loved. Now, she’s the capable lady who knows how to defend and even feed herself (just mostly with grilled food, tho, I guess lol). Ahh, I badly want another season for this anime because those who only watch anime deserve to see just how far this princess has gone!

Tsukishima Aoba (Cross Game)

Aoba is the inspiration and model of Kou, the male protagonist of the series, as pursued baseball and gradually developed into a pitcher that a lot of people admired. Even if the school she entered into doesn’t have a women’s baseball club, she still became the school’s baseball team’s only female member — an invaluable one, too! Aoba actually believed that baseball was all she had; take that away and she had nothing. She isn’t good at cooking nor at taking care of her younger sister. She notably refuses to say what she really feels or what her thought is. She isn’t like her older sister Wakaba, who is generally a capable person with a pleasing personality. Aoba takes those thoughts and accepts them as truth, blinded to see the good in her. But those are the things the story worked on her character. As the series progressed, it shows just how admirable she is. It makes us understand why Wakaba and Kou has so much trust and respect for her. She deserves it!

Fujioka Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)

Haruhi is a cool character. I just love how she did not mind a lot of things. She was okay cutting her hair short, wearing men’s clothes, and being mistaken as a guy. She also doesn’t mind her father’s preferred way of living. She is practical and frugal which is largely because of her social status, but that’s still cool either way. In the midst of this outrageous story with extravagant characters, she shines as the most reasonable person! I love how she just reacts naturally (as much as a commoner would) to the crazy antics her club pulls. Haruhi is a dependable person, too! As she is used to dealing with matters on her own, she was subject to danger at times which makes others worried. However, she’s quick to stand up again and to apologize or thank someone when it’s needed. I want another season for the series just to see more of her (and their host club) animated!

Anzu (Hinamatsuri)

When Anzu was introduced, she was just the typical rival-type character. I was happy to see the gradual change to her character after her introduction! She became homeless and learned how to live her life doing her best, being genuinely happy with the things she achieved, no matter how small they may be. Anzu develops to be a character who emphatizes, cares, and loves others. She became capable to do a lot more, being more dependable. I can totally understand why someone would want to adopt her! Even if Anzu’s parts also have some comedic scenes, her story was more of a heartwarming one and I loved her a lot because of that!

Mogami Kyoko (Skip Beat!)

Kyoko was once a naïve good girl who loved one guy a lot. She was determined to please him, so she did a lot of things for him, just as she did a lot of things before for other people. However, when she discovered the truth that she’s being used, all the demons in her broke loose and she immediately turned to a vengeful girl, channeling all her determination just to shame and defeat the man who broke her heart. She was able to enter showbiz, but there she encountered various people and ended up enjoying the profession a lot. She’s doing a great job as an actress (a talent, technically), too! I love how Kyoko, even while she had thoughts of getting revenge and when she learned to be tough, still had her innate courteous, responsible self who is in love with fairy tales and princesses. Kyoko is also a passionate person, never cutting corners. She stumbles at some points, but she eventually overcomes them, exceeding others’ expectations. It’s just adorable how she can be clueless at times, too. I love how her story is one of acknowledging and accepting love, especially for own self, in order to grow. I badly want another season for this series to see more of her (and her adorable inner Kyoko demons)!

Other female characters I didn’t get to talk about

I’ve got some more but for now, these are some of them. They may have flaws but each of them have various charms and strengths of some form that makes me cheer for them. They’re all wonderful! Go, ladies!


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