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The songs I’ve been talking about so far are songs that are connected to my early years with anime, but this time, I want to talk about a recent song that caught me in the loop. (Okay, bad pun.)

There’s an English translation available.

Frederic – oddloop

Whenever I’m browsing the net or writing, there’s always a tab on my browser for Youtube. I usually choose whichever song I want to listen to immediately and it’s just auto-play after that. If a song plays for several times, I just look at the related videos and choose another. This is how I discover various songs and groups.

One time, I think it was late December last year, this song played. Honestly, I didn’t particularly like it then. (I actually still can’t straight out say that I like it even now!) However, I chose to listen till the end.

Then I was doomed.

Because even if I can’t say I like it, I somehow got caught by its catchy tune.

And I even tried dancing the girls’ steps even if I can’t for the life of me dance.

And I end up clicking the video even if I try to ignore it several times when I see it on “watch again” videos.





It played again some days ago, so this is stuck on my mind again. Specifically the “気に入らないよ” (kiniiranai yo) part.

I hope you who somehow ended up reading this played that song and would soon end up in the same dilemma. evil laughs

I guess it’s actually good (the message of the song is debatable, of course) especially since there’s more than 50 million views to this. I actually listened to some other Frederic songs and I thought they’re good, but it’s not really my preferred kind of music.

For now, I’m trying to get this out of my head by playing some BUMP OF CHICKEN (Go, Fight, and Answer are what I’m frequently listening to. I should watch 3-Gatsu no Lion soon! Meanwhile, I don’t have some immediate plan to check out Granblue Fantasy which has Go as a theme song.) or Mukai Taichi (thank you, KazeTsuyo!).


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