TDW2019 | Day 1 | Kija

There’s a Dragon’s Week 2019 event that starts now on Tumblr. There are lots of “week events” that happen there on various fandoms (a lot of times for ships, but there are times that it’s for the whole series itself). I’ve never joined one until this, though. I just wanted to try it. I’m doing fan arts and I hope I’ll be able to complete the week. Here are the themes for it:

17.03.2019 – Day 1: Kija  ( any creations involving him )
18.03.2019 – Day 2: Shin Ah  ( any creations involving him )
19.03.2019 – Day 3: Jae Ha  ( any creations involving him )
20.03.2019 – Day 4: Zeno  ( any creations involving him )
21.03.2019 – Day 5: Family bonds ( here you can include their relationship with each other, platonic or romantic, and their relationships with the Happy Hungry Bunch)
22.03.2019 – Day 6: First Dragon Generation vs The Current Dragon Generation ( maybe create comparisons or interesting meetings? Your choice ^^ )
23.03.2019 – Day 7: The Future of the dragons ( here you can create about what you imagine might happen with them in the future )

So, here’s Kija for Day 1. I was planning to draw the dragons in kindergarten AU where they hold toy dragons for days 1-4, but now I’m having second thoughts about the toy dragons because I struggled to draw and color the dragon on this one. I don’t know how to make it pretty/cute and white. Cries

I don’t also know how to graphic design but it’ll be even more terrible had I tried to do backgrounds, so it’s like that.

Anyhow, I’m still happy I got to finish this! I started this days ago (finished the lineart and flat colors), but I got distracted with four other fan arts I did (and finished) so I just completed this today. *bangs head on wall*


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