TDW2019 | Day 2 | Shin-ah

I managed to finish this one! I enjoyed doing this a lot! I think I managed to color a bit faster than when I did Kija. Now I wonder if it would be faster if I were to do this with graphics tablet instead.

It’s just a bummer that I couldn’t save the raw files immediately and the undo’s didn’t reach the time when the layers weren’t still merged. I was thinking of editing them in the future, but now that I have a problem with my file of this one, I’m thinking of getting over it. Maybe I can just re-draw in the future or something.

Anyway, I really love Shin-ah! He’s such a precious, precious boy dragon! And Ao is the best, too! He never fails to crack me up with all the antics he’s doing in every panel he is in. Especially when it’s an important scene. He’s just so relevant! Hahaha!


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