TDW2019 | Day 3 | Jae-ha

This day is for Jae-ha! I love him a lot. Though, well, I love all of the four dragons. I love Jae-ha because he’s such a brother figure to Hak — not an older brother, really, just… a brother. One you can smack or tease and everything. But he can also like an older bro esp with Zeno, who gets annoyed whenever Jae-ha tries to steal that role from him.

It’s also great to see how supportive he is of Hak and Yona. And everyone in general. But mostly of Yona. He can be a real gentleman, too, when he’s not out trying to flirt.

Anyway, I struggled drawing his eye/s (there’s a left one, just under his bangs) so it became like this. I don’t know how to make droopy eyes look young. I wanted to make him look like a kindergartener but he definitely looks like an elementary student here to me. Oh well… let’s just say he’s a mature-looking kid. Hahaha!

OH! And I liked how the dragon turned out this time. The ways I colored the dragon on my Kija fan art is different from how I colored the one in Shin-ah, but the dragon part on the Shin-ah drawing is small (intentionally haha), so it doesn’t show much. The dragon in this one definitely looks different with how it’s colored, however.

Anyway, tomorrow’s Zeno day! I wonder how I should draw him…

Apparently, it’s also my 3rd year of blogging here in WordPress! Wow. I didn’t know that it’s been three years. (Maybe I’d prepare another post had I known it earlier.) I haven’t posted as much as others on their third year do, though, especially since I had a pretty long hiatus last year and I failed to do the schedule that I initially wanted to follow. Anyhow, I don’t have specific plans for the blog in the future. Only that I’ll just continue posting about things I love and want to talk about.

Thank you for those who I’ve been interacting with here in the span of those three years! これからもよろしくお願いします。

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