Satowa x Chika

Houzuki Satowa x Kudou Chika (Kono Oto Tomare!)


I’m not sure who’ll be able to read this but I have to say that I’m hoping everyone’s having a nice day, with or without a special someone to spend this day with.

As for me, I chose to finish this fan art. It’s been on my WIP for quite a time now. I nearly considered dropping it because Chika was so difficult to draw, but being as there’s only a few people active in the fandom (at least in social media and pixiv) — very few fanfics and fanarts!!! — I just had to finish it to feed myself. Hahaha!

I had to redraw Chika’s hair thrice and his eyes for, like, four or five times. He’s so handsome that he’s so difficult to draw! I had to stare and look at a lot of his panels in the manga, which made me reread a good portion of it again. Hoho!

Oh, their clothes here are based on one of Amyuu-sensei’s illustrations (the one they used for the anime’s ED) while I had a shot from the C-drama A Little Thing Called First Love for reference.


P.S. I have a new Twitter account — @meifangirls. It’s a place where I talk about lots of random stuff. Please drop your @’s, too, so I can follow!


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