Young Tohru and Kitty Kyo

LET'S STAY TOGETHER ITSUMOOOOO~ Just a few weeks more and the re-boot of the classic supernatural romance series Fruits Basket will finally air! Yaaay! Honestly, I don't remember much about it since it's one of the early anime series I watched in childhood. I only remember the main casts' names and the who the which … Continue reading Young Tohru and Kitty Kyo


Aoba x Kou

Tsukishima Aoba x Kitamura Kou (Cross Game) This one became a tiny picture because I messed up the dimension. I drew these small characters on a large canvas while it was zoomed in and I cropped it. bangs head on desk I forgot that February's last day is Thursday so I still drew a couple … Continue reading Aoba x Kou