The Box

Once upon a time, a girl who can be called by the name Mei created a Tumblr account, which she thought would be a place where she could post readable stuff. But then she learned of the “re-blog” button which she abused to track all the wonderful posts by wonderful people, so the few short writings she had just continue to get buried in the midst of more worthy-to-read-and-gawk-at posts.

In an attempt to improve her skills in writing, she turned to another sanctuary, now determined to pour out her different thoughts, observations, and feelings into that one box.

This is her escape to reality. Scratch that. Her extension of reality.

In the box are reviews, recaps, feels, and thoughts about the different anime, manga, and drama series and movies that she watch and read. She hopes that in the future, she will be to put there in-depth analyses that will be worthy to read, as well as have friends to talk and share insights with.

Now, her journey to fill that box as she delve into the ups and downs of the fiction world continues.


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