Chatterbox || Anime/Manga/Other Stuff from 2018

Part 2 of my personal update. More about random more happy things. Anime My escape from all the heavy feelings was our home and anime, manga, and drama series. I continued to watch and read various series as comfort. From July last year (my last update in 2018 was June), I managed to finish only … Continue reading Chatterbox || Anime/Manga/Other Stuff from 2018

Chatterbox || Some Drama and Friends

Part 1 of my update about self. Just a record of what I experienced emotionally and mentally last year. May be too dramatic and personal. If you'll see my list of anime, manga, and Asian dramas, you'll notice that a lot of them feature stories of friendship among groups. Well, it's common. Everywhere every single … Continue reading Chatterbox || Some Drama and Friends

Some Romance Tropes and Some Personal Loveless Tales

February is a month usually many people get excited about particularly because it's the month when people, most especially couples, express their love toward another person. In anime/manga, especially in shoujo series, we see at least one chapter about female characters fussing about how to make chocolates or how to give chocolates to the guys … Continue reading Some Romance Tropes and Some Personal Loveless Tales

Chatterbox || Small Involvement in the Fansubbing World

I've always been grateful for the people behind the fansub groups. They take their time translating, timing, editing, and all. I especially admire those who work on the karaoke effects, though those are mainly for the anime series. When it comes to drama series, not all have these lovely OP sequences. If ever there is, … Continue reading Chatterbox || Small Involvement in the Fansubbing World