Chatterbox || Anime/Manga/Other Stuff from 2018

Part 2 of my personal update. More about random more happy things. Anime My escape from all the heavy feelings was our home and anime, manga, and drama series. I continued to watch and read various series as comfort. From July last year (my last update in 2018 was June), I managed to finish only … Continue reading Chatterbox || Anime/Manga/Other Stuff from 2018


「 Unnatural 」Touching Search for Truths

Whenever watching dramas, the ones I usually keep myself away from are medical dramas because I'm not particularly fond of the sight of blood. At times, though, I get convinced of watching them because of other reasons that make me overlook people's bloody state. That's what happened with Unnatural. Unnatural is a Winter 2018 medical … Continue reading 「 Unnatural 」Touching Search for Truths

Chatterbox || J- or K-? Aspects of Dramas and Personal Preference

During times when I want to take a breath from anime and manga, or whenever there’s something interesting in a seasonal lineup, I watch Asian drama series. Though I was able to watch some Taiwanese, Chinese, and Thai dramas, my list is dominated by the Japanese and Korean dramas. Because of that, though, I can’t … Continue reading Chatterbox || J- or K-? Aspects of Dramas and Personal Preference

Chatterbox || Small Involvement in the Fansubbing World

I've always been grateful for the people behind the fansub groups. They take their time translating, timing, editing, and all. I especially admire those who work on the karaoke effects, though those are mainly for the anime series. When it comes to drama series, not all have these lovely OP sequences. If ever there is, … Continue reading Chatterbox || Small Involvement in the Fansubbing World