30-DAC | Day 28 | Favorite Quote

Day 28 - Favorite Quote This is one of the many loveable quotes for me. It's from the lovely Natsume Yuujinchou series, said by the ever-so-charming Natsume Takeshi. I actually have a lot of favorite lines from this series because I they speak a lot of truth about life in a simple yet profound way. Now … Continue reading 30-DAC | Day 28 | Favorite Quote


30-DAC | Day 27 | Most Badass Scene of a Character

Day 27 - Most Badass Scene From Any Anime Character When one says "badass scene" from any anime character, I guess a lot will think about the various fights from shounen anime series. I admit that I thought of them first, too. Like, Roy, with the wounds he sealed himself, slayed Lust. Or Gon totally … Continue reading 30-DAC | Day 27 | Most Badass Scene of a Character