All Eyes On — Soo-Won

Those who have read my previous posts as well as old tweets may have known that I love Kusanagi Mizuho's series Akatsuki no Yona (The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn) so much. I love how it's a great historical fantasy/romance! It's one of those series with well-written characters and intriguing plot. I love … Continue reading All Eyes On — Soo-Won


Mei’s List | Favorite Anime Moms

Mothers' Day passed by but I wasn't able to whip up some post quickly so here's a late one for it. Mothers never cease to amaze me -- at least most of them -- because of how much hardships they bear just for their family. They're strong and capable, willing to sacrifice a lot -- … Continue reading Mei’s List | Favorite Anime Moms