Sweet Killua Zoldyck

Say hi to one of my childhood crushes, the adorable Killua Zoldyck! When I watched Hunter x Hunter (2011), I found the scenes where he was eating a bunny-shaped lollipop to be cute. The pose here is somewhat inspired by one of the poses he has on one of the EDs. He is more intense … Continue reading Sweet Killua Zoldyck

Catcher Captain Miyuki

Undoubtedly Terajima-sensei's favorite character, Miyuki Kazuya. My feelings toward this character ranges from love to hate because of the things he do, say, and think. Out of all Daiya no A characters, his character is the one who made me feel a lot -- frustration, love, amusement, hate, disgust, and others. Can't deny he's a … Continue reading Catcher Captain Miyuki